The Best TV Shows You’ve Probably Never Seen

Sometimes you get addicted to an amazing television show. So addicted you can’t stop talking about it and think everyone else feels the same way. Then there’s the shocking moment when you bring it up only to discover that people you thought were smart, interesting people haven’t seen it. They’ve never even heard of it. You’re upset. You’re disappointed. And you’re suddenly super excited for them because they get to watch that fantastic show for the first time! Here are some of the best TV shows you’ve never seen, but you should definitely add to your roster:

The Comeback

Shortly after Lisa Kudrow completed her role as the legendary Phoebe Buffay, another great role fell right into her lap. Lisa Kudrow played Valerie Cherish, a former TV star of the ’80s who drifted into a D-lister, who wants to stage – you guessed it – a comeback. The show is a faux reality-style program that follows Valerie as she vies for a role on a new sitcom, contends with writers who hate her, tries to fit in with much younger co-stars, and basically tries not to embarrass herself. If you somehow still have doubts, you should know the show was co-created by Kudrow and Michael Patrick King, of Sex and the City fame. If you love Lisa Kudrow and are looking for something in the vein and style of The Office or Curb Your Enthusiasm, you have to check out The Comeback.

And while the show went off the air after only one brilliant season, prepare yourself: The Comeback is getting a comeback for at least a six episode run!

Orphan Black

I don’t know even know what you’re doing with your life if you haven’t seen this show. It’s about a con woman named Sarah Manning, played by Tatiana Maslany who gets pulled into a conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a woman who looks exactly like her. Once she starts posing as the dead woman, she realizes she’s in for way more than she’s bargained for, as not only was the dead woman her clone, but there are way more of these clones on the loose. And someone wants to kill them all.

All the clones are played expertly by Maslany, even when she has to play against herself as three or more clones in one scene. But there’s more than just sci-fi intrigue as the scripts are infused with comedy, drama, sexy bits, and tons of action. Watch it on BBC America and join the clone club. It’ll bring new meaning to the word “seestra” – er, I mean “sister.”

Ja’mie King: Private School Girl

Ja’mie King is offensive, insensitive, and ja’mazing. And it’s pronounced Juh-may. Ja’mie is a horrible person and it’s hilarious to watch her. She’s a stuck up, shallow private school girl played by the genius and very adult Chris Lilley. Lilley originated this particular character in his other series We Could Be Heroes and continued her tale in Summer Heights High. Those are must watch series, too, but for the full Ja’mie experience (and she’s my favorite) you must watch this show. Watch in comic terror as Ja’mie insults her family and friends, says horrendous things to the povo girls at school, hopes to win the heart of a hot guy, and the vies for the coveted Hillford Academy Medal.

This show is not for the easily offended and if you find Ja’mie to be just a little too much, well, first of all you’re wrong and second of all please do yourself a favor and at least watch Summer Heights High. Lilley plays not only Ja’mie but several other very different and delightful characters. It’s just so quiche.


Firefly is a space western set far into the future that follows the crew of the transport ship Serenity as they smuggle people and things across the galaxy and get into whole messes of trouble along the way. If I lost you at space western, hold your space horses! This show was written and created by Joss Whedon of Buffy and the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and The Avengers just to name a few. It also stars some amazing actors, like Nathan Fillion of Castle and Gina Torres from Suits and Hannibal. The dialogue is funny and sharp, and the show does a great job of building a new multi-cultural future, complete with fashion that’s not too ridiculous and an East-West blend of slang.

Alas, it was cancelled too soon, however there are comics that emerged post-cancellation that wrap up some of the loose ends. And if you’re worried about watching a show nobody else does, fear not. This one has a huge fandom and a solid cult status.

Peep Show

If you think you’re awkward, just wait.

This is a British sitcom about a couple of socially awkward and constantly embarrassing roommates named Mark and Jez. The show is shot in point of view shots wherein we hear the thoughts of the main characters as voiceover. Mark is more of a misery, having a cynical outlook on life and how can he not be when he almost always says and does the wrong thing and basically sabotages his love life at every turn. Jez is unreasonably optimistic and happy-go-lucky for a guy who’s largely unemployed and his self-proclaimed talent as a musician is completely unfounded. As is his strong belief that he’s the ultimate lady’s man.

It might take an episode or two to get into it, but stick with Mark and Jez and their sad lives and you will be largely rewarded.

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