The best travel Instagram account ever: We just found it

Like travel? Of course you do. But unfortunately, not all of us have the time (or money) to visit all of the exotic, lovely places we’d like. But thanks to Instagram, at least our dreams can be a bit more inspired. For example, an account called True Living features photos of people, well, truly living. Not only are the locations stunning, but they’ll inspire you to get off the couch and check out the local hiking trail.

The account, which has already racked up over 31.1k followers, typically updates once or twice a day — and the photos are breathtaking. (Plus, if you like animals, you’ll also find some gorgeous shots of cats, dogs, and horses mixed in.) Here are just a few of the incredible snaps they’ve shared.

Hard to believe that September is already over, right?

If you pull your cat aside today and try to get a picture half as beautiful as this one, we understand.

Proof that you’re never too old for pool floats.

We’re excited that fall is here, but this one makes us miss summer just a little bit.

Any more room in there? This is a camping crew we’d like to join.

This picture just makes you feel free.

And this one? Probably the best hug ever.

It seems like a long road, but definitely a road worth traveling down.

Finally, True Living managed to get a photo that’ll bring you a little bit of peace.

Of course, there are plenty more. Perfect, since we can always use another source that’ll help us brighten our days. Without a doubt, True Living will help all of us channel our inner Liz Lemon, because: we want to go to there.

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