Who knew there’s apparently a best time of day to shave your legs?

There may not be any struggle as real as trying to keep your legs nice and smooth. First of all, who has time for that?! Second of all, what superhuman can truly manage to shave their legs without missing patches or nicking themselves repeatedly?!! (We definitely see why so many people are saying no to shaving – and that’s awesome!!! You do you.)


Thank goodness it’s October and most of us are back to pants weather.

But fortunately for us leg-shavers, however, the folks at Good Housekeeping may have come up with an important strategy. Turns out you don’t need the most state-of-the-art razor or fanciest shaving cream to keep the hair at bay…

…you might just need to change your shower schedule!

Yes, it truly might be that simple. According to GH, it’s best to shave your legs right before bedtime,for sorta-scientific reasons :

"...because, as we sleep, our legs become warm and swell slightly which means that the little hairs we may have missed retreat back into their follicles and are less obvious."


This will help make your legs feel smoother in the morningas opposed to if you shave in the morning when it’s still cold out: because of the chill, “our pores and skin will tighten and hairs will appear and feel more prickly.”

Who knew? Night shower-ers, did you know this the whole time?!?!

Try it out and see if it works, but just remember y’all are beautiful, leg hair or no leg hair.