All the best things about having a sister

My sister is three and a half years younger than me, and she’s my best friend. Sure, we’ve had our fallouts, and yes, when I was eight I did convince her to take the blame for eating all of my mum’s chocolate (even though really it was me), but we’re also each other’s rock throughout everything. I feel so lucky to have a sister, and here are some of the reasons why.

You can take on the trials of womanhood together

Whether you’ve run out of tampons or are braving the awkwardness of a bra fitting, it’s good to know you’re living with someone else who’s either been through, or is going through exactly the same pubescent challenges.

You always have someone to hang out with

Growing up, my sister and I would always throw movie nights together, snacking on bowls of sweets and chatting about stupid stuff. Still to this day, if I’m feeling lonely I’ll ring her for a chat or pop round to chain-watch trashy TV. She’s my social lifeboat.

She accepts your weirdness wholeheartedly

One of life’s biggest feats is finding others that can comprehend and accept your weirdness. When it comes to sisters, chances are they’re just as weird as you (you share the same genes, after-all). For example, there was that time I put a bar of soap under my bed because I read somewhere that it helps stop your legs aching so much? My sister didn’t even bat an eyelash (though she does still laugh about it sometimes).

She gets you the best presents

Seriously, every time. The mint green novelty jumper; the snuggie; the candy floss machine — there’s never been a bad present because she just knows me so well.

You can always count on her to be honest

That creepy cat clock I bought on Ebay? While others might have gone, “oh, it’s, erm, lovely”, my sister simply said: “What the hell is that?!”

You never have to explain your family’s strangeness

She’s already had to live with them too, meaning you’re both always totally prepared for your mum’s ballet dancing to Beyonce at every Christmas Eve party (ok, maybe not totally prepared).

You can share clothes

Or even “borrow” them for good if she forgets. Which reminds me, Jade, you still have my big cat jumper!

She always knows the right things to do and say

When you’ve had the worst day ever, she’ll do things like send me funny pictures of the family dog, or tell me there’s a show about to start that I’ll love about a woman who collects china cats.

You have the best inside jokes

“Rotten tomatoes.” And 100 other phrases that make no sense to anyone else but make us both burst out into laughter

She’s the best friend ever

Because whether you decide to make a music video, watch all the Harry Potter movies in a day or take a spontaneous trip to Ikea at just before it closes, she’ll always be game.

You can tell her anything. Anything!

Even that, yes, you were the one who dropped that grape down the bathroom sink and blocked it.

She will always help you through the hard times

Just like taking a five-hour train journey to my college town because I was homesick, or, you know, last minute coming round because I’m home alone and there’s a spider in the bathroom. That’s true love.

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