These teachers are the absolute best

I need to brag a little. Last weekend, I won Trivia Night for my team last weekend. I know you want to know how I became team hero (or, at least I hope you do because I’m going to tell you anyway): I knew the name of one of the four muscles that make up the quadriceps — the rectus femoris. Also known as “wrecked his femoris,” thanks to my amazing high school anatomy teacher, Mr. Gigliotti.  Mr. G taught the names of the muscles by using masterful physical comedy. He would run his leg into a desk and would bellow in third person “D’OH! Mr. G wrecked his Femoris!” It was HILARIOUS, and obviously effective because I will never, ever forget it.

In honor of all the amazing, above-and-beyond great teachers, just like Mr. G, who go all out to get students engaged with learning, we’re sharing some of the best teachers of all time. No, really. There’s photographic proof, just keep scrolling. If we had these amazing teachers, we would never want to leave school.

This teacher who hates early classes as much as you do. 

This NOT-A-MORNING-PERSON and teacher/activist for napping rights wears his PJ’s to class in protest of 7 a.m. finals. Yes. Finally a teacher who GETS it. 

This teacher skateboards to class and he’s probably a better skater than you. 

Is there a DeLorean hidden in the background of this picture? Because we’re pretty sure this skateboarding teacher might be Marty McFly coming back from the future to be the best teacher ever.

This teacher makes epic chalk drawings every day. 

This art teacher motivates his students by drawing amazing, epic chalkboard art every day.

This teacher has students positively Gaga for science. 

This science teacher/obvious Lady Gaga fan makes chemistry catchy!

This teacher helps his students punk their whole city.

This brilliant art teacher makes monsters with his students and then they place them around the city, which is hilarious, awesome and brilliant.

This teacher who paid their respects to a fallen planet. 

This empathetic soul who understands that we’re all still mourning the loss of Pluto as a planet — and has a good sense of humor about teaching with an outdated planet poster.

This book lover for life. 

This teacher is a saint who set up a little library outside her house when the school couldn’t afford one. Aww! 

This teacher has been in love with math for a century…literally! 

This feisty, 100-year-old math teacher is still changing lives and helping students learn, proving age really is just a number.

This teacher draws detailed white board art that inspires us all.

Someone needs to connect this guy with the Chalkboard Art teacher because they would be best friends for life and push each other to make gorgeous, unbelievable art out of other school supplies next.

This teacher actually rewards creativity. 

When your teacher has a good sense of humor, it makes the learning process fun.

We want to hear about your favorite teacher!  Tell us about her/him in the comments below!