The Most Enjoyable Summer Activity You’ll Do All Season, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Alexa, play “Cool for the Summer” by Demi Lovato.

With the world slowly opening up again, we can’t wait to (safely) go back to a life filled with bottomless brunches, outdoor concerts, food festivals, and museums galore. After the wild ride that was 2020—and let’s be real—the first half of 2021, we fully intend on taking advantage of this summer’s long nights, sunny days, and warmer weather. After all, it is a hot vaxxed girl summer. From breaking out all of our brightest sundresses that haven’t seen the light of day in over a year to reuniting with friends over cocktails and food from our favorite restaurants that we’ll never take for granted ever again, we simply can’t wait.

If you’re beginning to plan your summer bucket list, allow the stars to be your guide. Here, we tapped our residential astrologist, Lisa Stardust, to learn about the summer activity each zodiac sign will find most enjoyable.


Remember movie theaters? Well, just because they might not be open yet in your state doesn’t mean you can’t dive into your favorite film and snacks this summer. “Going to an outdoor screening of a movie is an ideal way for you to embrace summer,” says Stardust.


This earth sign appreciates their time with nature, which is why this summer, you’ll be looking to unwind outside. “Taking a break from daily stresses while resting in the park will ground and connect you with the earth,” says Stardust. While you’re out there, try meditating, reading, or simply being present with the beautiful outdoors. 


Geminis’ naturally talkative and sociable characteristics will be the reason they spend this season with all of their beloved friends. “A barbeque with friends is a great way to gossip and laugh,” says Stardust. 


Between cancer’s chill vibe and ability to go with the flow (after all, they are water signs), luxuriating poolside or at the beach is their most ideal way to spend the hot summer days. 



Much like the sun (Leo’s ruling planet), this fiery sign lives for drama, energy, and being in the limelight, which is why they’ll be chasing the fireworks all summer. “Watching the fireworks go off will not only be Instagram-worthy but also exciting for your fiery vibe,” says Stardust. 


Virgos’ tendencies to work hard all year round will have them looking for a break via a relaxing summer vacay. Stardust recommends a leisurely drive out of town with your friends or boo to help you zone out your professional worries. 


Because Libras thrive during the chillier fall months, they’ll be searching for a way to stay cool this summer. “Riding your bike throughout your neighborhood will keep you social with neighbors and cool you down,” says Stardust.  


While they’re often mistaken as a fire sign because of their emotional intensity, wild imagination, and mysterious nature, Scorpios are actually a water sign that will enjoy spending time on a scenic hike that overlooks the ocean. 



Adventurous, optimistic, and fun are just a few of the words to describe this fire sign. Stardust says spending time at an outdoor rooftop party will be the best activity for your social and fun attitude. Bring on the margaritas! 


Earth signs, like Capricorns, are known for their sense of discipline and abilities to get in touch with their emotions. That’s why gardening alone or with someone special will be your favorite summer pastime, explains Stardust. 


Aquarius loves a good party so they’ll naturally follow the music this summer season. “Roller skating is a fun activity for you to do solo or with friends, while blasting music,” says Stardust. “Cool for the Summer” by Demi Lovato, anyone?


This creative and emotional sign will want to focus all of their time bonding with someone close. Stardust recommends frequent weekend getaways with friends or your lover to build relationships and seek excitement. 

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