9 Top Fashion Stylists You Need to Follow On Instagram

These wardrobe stylist are responsible for crafting killer looks for celebs and on social media.

Ask anyone behind the scenes in fashion, and they’ll tell you a star is not born; it’s styled. From mixing the latest Italian Christian Louboutins with Dapper Dan streetwear from Harlem, wardrobe stylists are responsible for crafting the look.

Fashion stylists use clothing and accessories the way artists use brushes, and in turn, create the hottest trends that trickle down from Hollywood red carpets and magazine photoshoots to the racks of your local department store or fave retail shop. 

Those who were once relegated to behind-the-scenes status are now slaying the fame game on Instagram — becoming stars themselves. In fact, by following some of the best fashion stylists on Instagram, you can see their processes, who they’re styling, and even where they’re drawing inspiration from in their downtime.

Check out the top 10 stylists you should follow on Instagram in 2023. 

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1. June Ambrose

The self-proclaimed style architect and culture definer has earned her crown. Ambrose has been a quintessential stylist since the ’90s, working with hip-hop royalty such as Missy Elliott, Jay Z, Mariah Carey, and Diddy, to name a few.

She’s currently the creative director for women’s basketball Puma, where she released her first fashion line, High Court. This cool collab is street ball meets runway.

2. Brett Alan Nelson

Nelson is known for his bold color choices, and his style combines thespian and practical. He makes everyday clothing look over-the-top and over-the-top fashions look practical. So much so, you’ll get the urge to wear a hot-pink cropped frill bolero jacket with vintage Christian Dior glasses to the market.

His clients include Lizzo and Doja Cat. He also works closely with photographer David Lachapelle.

3. Patrica Field

This iconic costume designer and stylist has been on everyone’s lips since the launch of the HBO hit series Sex and the City. She’s known for creating original and bold fashion statements for each character she dresses. She was the stylist on The Devil Wears Prada, Ugly Betty, and countless other movies and projects.

Field has also collaborated on the current Netflix series Emily in Paris. Her ARTFashion project has been previewed for several years at Art Basel, where she is considered a curator.

4. Rob Zangardi

Half of the design team RandM, Zangardi and his partner, Mariel Haenn, were responsible for some of the most memorable looks we saw in 2022.

His clients include Madelaine Petsch and Gwyneth Paltrow. He even styled Jennifer Lopez for her wedding — a look we’ll never forget! He’s worked with designers such as Gucci, Coach, Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace.  

5. K.J Moody

Moody’s motto is, “With great style comes great confidence.” At only 29 years old, he started dressing Destiny’s Child while he was still in design school.

He is currently the creative manager & stylist for Beyonce. He loves vintage ’90s and women in menswear. 

6. Bob Mackie

A lot of designers were also stylists at one point in their careers. Bob Mackie would personally show up to dress Cher. He also created the first naked dress for her back in the ’70s.

Being seen in one of his dresses changed the room’s mood; nothing else mattered. We saw this first hand on New Year’s Eve when Miley Cyrus performed in a dress from Mackie’s Fall 2002 “To Broadway With Love” collection. 

7. Melissa Carter

This stylist is on our one-to-watch list. The good news is you can also watch her via her weekly live Instagram show on Friday nights. Her sense of style and putting vintage pieces together is off the hook!

Carter pulls out racks of vintage clothing, models them on herself, and pairs them with different accessories. You can purchase the items during her fun and upbeat live show. She makes vintage and sustainable fashion look slick!

8. Fran Taylor

For the past 25 years, Taylor has styled the cast of ABC Daytime Television talk show The View. She dressed Barbara Walters with so much grace and style! Taylor helped to keep her sophisticated and on-trend. Walters, a pioneer for every woman in journalism today, passed away on Dec. 30, 2022. 

9. Tiffany Briseno

Briseno is known for celebrity menswear styling and dresses Shawn Mendes, Angus Cloud, and Kane Brown. She has also worked with Grace Vandien and Cailin Russo. She loves vintage and has recently accessed some of Freddie Mercury‘s items. We can’t wait to see what she does with them!

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