The Best Product to Help You Fall Asleep Faster, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

It's time for some zzz's.

It goes without saying that the stress caused by the pandemic has disrupted many of our sleep routines. Whether you’ve been having weird vivid dreams or enough anxiety to jolt you from a dead slumber, you’re probably in the market for new options to get better rest. Thankfully, there’s a way to fix your poor sleep patterns—and it all has to do with your zodiac sign.

To help understand how each zodiac sign can achieve a better night’s rest through different sleep products, we connected with our resident astrologer Lisa Stardust. Because what might work for a feisty Leo might not be right for a Libra who loves a cuddle session. Scroll below for a full astrological guide on which product each zodiac sign should buy to get some shut-eye.

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