There were so many amazing signs at this weekend’s Equality and Resist Marches

This month is LGBTQ Pride Month, and people around the globe are coming together in support and celebration of LGBTQ rights. Marchers in 120 cities united on Sunday to support the LGBTQ community at the Equality March, while marchers in San Francisco and Los Angeles participated in a Resist March.

There were plenty of amazing signs from Equality March and Resist March, ranging from heartfelt to hilarious. Some were sparkly, others more subdued, but the messages on the signs from these marches ultimately portray that love will always conquer hate.

We’re truly inspired by the marchers and the messages behind their signs, so check out some of the best signs from the Equality and Resist Marches of 2017.

There was so much support from parents, which we adore.

Newfound LGBTQ icon The Babadook made an appearance, too!

And of course there were a few covfefe jokes.

Here for this.

Even Sleeping Beauty is woke.

The real “gay agenda” (hint: it involves tacos, Rachel Maddow, and brunch, obvs).

Except when brunch takes a backseat to fighting for equality, of course.

There was a Golden Girls joke.

And one marcher asked the all-important question: WWBD? (Oh, you know…what would Beyoncé do?)

Important lessons taught by Harry Potter himself.

Some offered historical words of advice.

While others remembered those lost too soon.

Some admitted they weren’t as creative when it comes to sign-making.

But all the signs were fabulous, because of the powerful and touching messages behind them.

We’re so proud of all the marchers for showing their support at these events around the globe this weekend.