Behold: The best school lunch notes ever — these would never embarrass you

You know what I wasn’t worried about three seconds ago? What kind of parent I was going to be someday. I mean, I had total faith in myself until I saw this dad who creates the best school lunch notes ever, and now it’s like I’ve already lost the race for Most Baller Parent of the Universe before I had a chance to get my foot in the race. And I’m not the only one here who’s doomed — I defy anybody to find a parent who sends their kid off to schools with notes as cool as these.

Brent Almond has sent his son to school with one of these adorkable superhero-inspired notes almost every day for the past nineteen months, which he has been immortalizing with pictures of the notes on Instagram. In an interview with Buzzfeed Life, Almond said that he penned the first Batman doodle to make his son’s first day of preschool feel special. “He loved it, so I thought I’d do it for that whole first week,” he said. Little did he know then that the trend was about to spiral out of control, much to the delight of his son and the entire internet.

Among the rotating cast of characters in Almond’s notes are our favorite Disney, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics characters, as well as a few guest starts from other fandoms.

All of them feature Almond’s doodles, which, to be fair, are probably so kick-butt because he is a professional illustrator by day (and superhero drawing dad by night).

Almond says that his son’s teacher reads them out loud to the class every day, and that his son either brings back the letters for their collection, or hands them off to his friends (WHICH IS SO SWEET I CANNOT HANDLE IT).

Here’s the very first note he put in his son’s lunch, not knowing it was the beginning of the most epic lunch note extravaganza of all time:

It’s pretty much impossible to look at these and without a big, doofy smile on your face. Coolest. Dad. EVER.

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