19 Rom-Coms on Netflix That Will Make You Laugh to Tears

From classics you must see to new Netflix originals.

There is never a bad time to watch a romantic comedy. This feel-good genre is so versatile and can be enjoyed by yourself or with a group of friends. If you ever find yourself searching for a movie to watch and don’t know what to decide, we promise a good ole rom-com will never disappoint. To prove it to you, we listed the best romantic comedies available to stream on Netflix right now. Whether you love a cliché plot, want to laugh until your stomach hurts, or want adventure and thrill mixed in, there’s a movie everyone can enjoy.

1. Lovebirds

Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjani star in this hilarious film about a couple that is on the verge of breaking up, but fate has another plan for them when they accidentally become witnesses to a murder. Follow along their wild journey to clear their names.

2. Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is one of those classics you have to watch at least once in your lifetime. It’s about Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon) who sets out to attend Harvard Law School in hopes of making her ex-boyfriend fall in love with her again. Along the way, she proves that she is fabulous, intelligent, and a force not to be messed with.

3. The Kissing Booth

Based on a best-selling book, The Kissing Booth is a coming-of-age movie about Elle, a pretty teenage girl who’s never been kissed, and then accidentally falls head over heels with her best friend’s boyfriend—the ultimate betrayal of girl code. She must then decide whether to prioritize her friendship or romantic interests. The sequel is also available on Netflix.

4. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean’s (Lana Candor) worst nightmare becomes her reality when the love letters she’s written in secrecy to all the boys she’s ever loved get mailed to them all at the same time. Her world gets flipped upside down when she agrees to be Peter Kavinsky’s girlfriend to get back at his ex-girlfriend.

5. 50 First Dates

Henry Roth (played by Adam Sandler) is a compulsive liar who frequently dates Hawaiian tourists and then leaves them in the dust after a fun night out. When he finally finds the woman who makes him want to commit (played by Drew Barrymore) it turns out she has short-term memory loss and barely remembers who he is.

6. Someone Great

Gina Rodriguez plays an aspiring New York-based music journalist who gets an opportunity of a lifetime across the country in California. The only problem is, her boyfriend of nine years isn’t ready to make that move with her. Devastated and heartbroken, she and her best friends hit the streets of New York City to have a night they’ll never forget before she leaves town.

7. Falling Inn Love

After losing her boyfriend and job in San Francisco, Gabriela (Christina Milian) moves to New Zealand to renovate an inn. This city girl is in for a rude awakening, however, when she realizes the challenges of running her own business. Luckily, handsome contractor Jake Taylor (played by Adam Demos) swoops in and teaches her the ropes.

8. Love, Guaranteed

When the dating app, Love, Guaranteed, fails Nick (Damon Wayans Jr.) in finding the love of his life after 987 dates, he wants to sue the site for their inability to fulfill what is advertised. Struggling small firm laywer, Susan (Rachael Leigh Cook), agrees to take on the case but is in for a whirlwind when she begins to fall for her client.

9. Always Be My Maybe

It’s so obvious that famous chef Sasha (Ali Wong) and local musician Marcus (Randall Park) are meant to be together. After reconnecting 15 years later, they finally give it a shot, but quickly realize they’re from completely opposite worlds.

10. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Cal (played by Steve Carell) has it all—a beautiful wife, children, a great job, and success. Until his wife cheats on him and he’s left aimlessly trying to figure out the world of dating again. Then, he becomes friends with a young, smooth-talking ladies man (played by Ryan Gosling) who takes him under his wing and helps him get back on his feet.

11. Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a classic tale of girl meets boy and they fall in love. The only difference is, girl is extremely famous. Julia Roberts plays a celebrity icon who falls in love with a local bookstore owner, played by Hugh Grant. Their relationship is put through extreme tests as they both get more attention than they want.

12. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

In efforts to win the heart of the girl of his dreams, Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) must first defeat her seven evil exes in a battle of martial arts. It’s the perfect mix of lighthearted TV, thrill, belly laughs, and romance.

13. Friends with Benefits

After a recruiter and an art director are both dumped and left emotionally scarred, they make a pact to be friends with benefits—no strings attached. Things don’t go as planned, however, when they unexpectedly develop feelings for one another—oops.

14. Eat, Pray, Love

Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) is a divorced woman who’s passionate about traveling the world in search of finding a sense of spirituality, good food, and, of course, true love. This dreamy film will spark your wanderlust and inspire you to set out on a journey of your own.

15. Set It Up

Overworked assistants Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) are in desperate need of a break from their overpowering, demanding bosses. In an attempt to get them off their own backs, they plot to make their bosses fall in love with each other with a plan that involves getting them stuck on an elevator. What could go wrong?

16. Two Weeks Notice

Sandra Bullock plays a hardworking lawyer who is fed up with her needy billionaire boss, played by Hugh Grant. Once she gives her two weeks notice, new feelings between the two emerge, making her have second thoughts.

17. When We First Met

When Noah (Adam Devine) gets friend-zoned by the girl of his dreams, a magical photo booth sends him back to the night they first met to give him the ultimate do-over. The only question is, can he successfully make her fall in love with him this time?

18. Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Zack and Miri are in desperate need for cash to pay their rent so they get the bright idea to make a pornographic film for some easy money. However, their unspoken feelings for each other make things a bit more complicated.

19. Love Jacked

A young aspiring artist travels to Africa to get away from her overbearing father. She gets engaged, but then it falls through, leaving her in desperate need of a man, long before she goes home. A stranger she meets as a café offers to pose as her fiancé in an effort to help her out.