This is your best quality as a friend, according to your zodiac sign

Whether you admit it or not, your zodiac sign may be the reason why your BFF loves you so much. It’s true: Does your friend always thank you for reminding her to take time for herself? You can thank the stars for that. And the same is true for her: You may have been drawn to your best friend because her zodiac sign makes her especially empathetic, adventurous, or even level-headed. If you’re wondering how the stars have played a role in your friendships, keep reading.

June is the perfect month to think about and celebrate your bestie’s best qualities, too, since June 8th is National Best Friends Day. So take that girls’ trip, get her that thoughtful gift, and honor each other — whether your zodiac signs define you or not.


Best quality: Your passion

Though your passion may manifest as stubbornness, your best friend loves you anyway. And that’s because you’re passionate about your relationship and always have their back. You give as much as you take, making sure you always pay your BFF back in kind. And as for that person who broke their heart? They’re dead to you. You’ve got a passion for that bestie in your life and, honestly, we don’t blame you.


Best quality: Your high energy

Being around you, your best friend never has a dull moment. You want to make sure that every time together is a good time, reminding your BFF during their worst moments that life is a party. Confetti, anyone? While you have to be careful when it comes to taking the mic one too many times, your bestie is ever-entertained by your infectious energy. You’re a star and you want the people around you to shine, too.


Best quality: Your empathy

If the world ends, your closest friend is going to want you by their side. Your emotional range is a superpower, after all, and others are always comforted by your empathy. What they feel, you feel — which isn’t always a good thing, especially during tough times — but it allows you to connect to your friend on a deeper level. You give them the support they need to be the best version of themselves (just make sure they do the same for you).


Best quality: Your honesty

As someone who doesn’t understand the point of secrets and hates lies, honesty is your best policy. If your BFF is wearing a dress that doesn’t suit their personality, you’re going to tell them. And as for that girl they brought over last week? Phew — they are going to get an earful. But that’s what they love about you: no BS. If you have something to say, you’re going to say it to their face. There are no games — just friend love.


Best quality: Your “treat yo’ self” attitude

You are a human reminder that it is important for us all to take care of ourselves. How else is anyone supposed to take on the world if their spirit is worn down? When your best friend is burning out and has no idea, you are that light in the darkness. With an appreciation for life’s luxuries, you aren’t afraid to tell your bestie when they need to take a Mental Health Day (…or week). You truly care about what’s best for them.


Best quality: Your stability

In the midst of the storm, you are the steady ship that stays its course. Your friends can count on you no matter what, knowing that there are no surprises when it comes to your Virgo energy. In fact, you’re often the parent in your friend group, making sure that everyone is alive at the end of a long night out. And if someone needs some tips? You are the advice-giver, the reliable friend who always knows just what to say.


Best quality: Your wisdom

Learning lessons is your MO. If you make a mistake, you make sure to learn from it. You hold yourself to high standards, which is why you’ve gained as much wisdom as you have over the course of your lifetime. Thanks to your collection of life lessons, your friends know who to go to when times get tough. In the midst of the chaos, you are their rock. You have all the advice they could ever need — just make sure you don’t overdo it.


Best quality: Your sense of right and wrong

Your BFF wanted to be your friend from the very beginning. That’s because they could sense that, down to your core, you are a good person. Morals matter to you, especially in your fight to do what is right. Though it may be hard, you speak up for what you believe in. You add your voice to the conversation and your bestie has always admired that about you. In fact, they want to be more like you.


Best quality: Your quirkiness

Some may call you crazy, but your friends (at least those who know you best) call you quirky. You embrace your uniqueness so much that people can actually hear you marching to the beat of your own drum. Your friends never know what you’re going to do next, and that’s the kind of excitement they like in life. Plus, you empower them to embrace what makes them “weird.” And if there’s one thing we need more of in the world, it’s that.


Best quality: Your love of freedom

Everyone needs a travel buddy (or someone they can live vicariously through). In your friend group, which stretches far and wide across the world, that’s you. Your BFF loves hearing about all your adventures and gets especially excited when you convince them to come along. They can’t wait to eat, drink, and explore their way through new places with you. Just make sure you aren’t too flighty — remember to ground yourself when need be.


Best quality: Your adaptability 

Your best friend has some big news for you, but they know you can roll with the punches. As a versatile being who contains both darkness and light, you can handle it all — and in that sense, you are a pillar of strength when your BFF is in chaos. You’re there for them, to help them navigate rough waters, because you know what that’s like. If there’s something strange in their neighborhood, who’re they gonna call? Probably you.


Best quality: Your kind spirit

With an imagination that runs wild and a romantic sensibility, you are a lovely person to be around. Your best friend gravitates to you because of that. If anyone feels like home, it’s you — you beautiful being, you. For those who have trouble seeing the positive side of life, you may come off as salvation. But be careful! Make sure that you only let quality people into your life. They should be giving as much as they take. You don’t deserve any less.

Keep being the best you can be — especially because your zodiac sign knows all.

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