These are the best positions for sex on the beach, because it’s way harder than it looks

Let’s just be clear about one thing off the bat: Having sex on the beach IRL is nothing like it seems on TV or in movies. Just as you’re unlikely to find your soulmate by pretending you’re a wealthy guest instead of a maid at a Manhattan hotel, your passionate seaside romp is unlikely to end up anywhere but in the shower, with you trying to get sand out of your you-know-what for days. There’s a catch, though, thankfully. By employing certain sex positions for the beach, the whole experience can be hot, exciting, and sand-burn free.

Before we go any further, we have to tell you that having sex in public, even on the beach, is totally illegal unless you’re super rich and happen to have your own private beach. And yes, doing it at night still counts as public even if it feels like no one can see you. So remember, we’re in no way encouraging you to do anything illegal.

We also have to share a note about having sex in the water: First, waves are unpredictable, especially if you’re in the ocean. Second, salt water can cause condoms to tear easily and can mess with your natural lubrication. So be careful if you decide to have sex in the surf.

If you do decide you want to have sex on the beach, there are ways to do it less conspicuously. Emily Morse, sexologist and host of the “Sex With Emily” podcast, told HelloGiggles, “You want to choose positions that are going to be less obvious that you’re having sex, so definitely stay away from traditional doggy style or missionary.”

Read on for more advice. 

1Spooning sex.


Morse noted that spooning sex is a great way to mask what you’re doing — and get off. She told HG, “Spooning is a great position because at a glance, it’ll look like you’re napping on the beach – nothing to see here, right? Lay side-by-side facing the same direction and do small, slow movements. The less rigorous you are, the less likely you’ll get sand in unwanted places or have your beach trip end with a trip to the police station. I feel like it should go without saying, but for any beach sex position, you want to have a large beach towel (or two) for coverage. An umbrella helps also. Basically, the more coverage, the better.”

Seriously, we cannot stress the need for coverage — and protection for your backside — enough.

2Face each other.


“Face each other laying on your sides, and have one partner wrap their leg around the other person,” Morse said. “Since your body movement will be limited, add a small finger vibe like the FT London G-ring [or something similar]. This way you can spend some extra time exploring each others’ bodies, as well as different sensations.” Not a bad plan at all. 

3Get on top.


Getting on top and riding your partner is another simple sex on the beach position. Morse explained, “If you want to be more adventurous, you can try to find a private area on the beach — or wait for anytime after sunset. Try sitting on your partner’s lap upright, while straddling and using a grinding motion. Or you can try the same moves, but facing away. This will keep sand from getting into your private areas, plus it’ll look like you’re just admiring each other or the ocean view — from afar, at least.”

4Get handsy.


Instead of drawing too much attention to yourself, mutual masturbation might be the way to go. “Mutual masturbation is great for the beach because it’s a lot easier to get away with, and you know you’ll both have guaranteed pleasure. Think of it as your own form of beach-time entertainment. All you need is a little coverage and some lube.”

If you want to get really crafty, Morse recommends a sex toy like the We-Vibe Jive, a wearable egg vibrator that a woman can wear and her partner can control using the We Connect app — no blankets necessary.

6Standing-up sex.


If you can find a quiet spot away from people, standing-up sex might be the best way to go. At night, you can look out for a lifeguard stand to lean on — your partner can penetrate you from behind or you can face each other with a little more support.