9 Podcasts for Singles Who Want to Laugh About the Dating World

Listen to these relatable, hilarious, and insightful podcasts in celebration of Singles' Day today.

Podcasts are all the rage right now, and we’re totally on board with this trend. Whether the hosts are comedians, minor (or major) celebs, or just a couple of BFFs, women’s podcasts can be so damn relatable. Through juicy interviews, personal anecdotes, and heartfelt conversations, the hosts can grow to feel like your best friends as they talk to you through your headphones every week. Luckily, for you single ladies out there, there’s a plethora of podcasts hosted by women who totally understand the struggles that go along with dating and relationships.

Whether you’re content with your single status or not, it’s no secret that it can sometimes feel lonely when you’re flying solo. However, there are tons of women podcast hosts who are single and experiencing the same things as you. In these relatable podcasts, women tell honest stories about being single, spill the tea on their sex lives, and above all, build communities of women. Some podcasts are hilarious, others are informative (ahem, sex tips), but all of them are damn entertaining. Below, read about nine podcasts that celebrate your single status that you should listen to on Singles Day, November 11th.

Best Dating Podcasts

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