Where to Shop in Your 30s If You Don’t Want to Look Like Gen Z

Here's where to find clothes that embody grown-up chic and are effortlessly cool.

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We love our younger
Gen Z friends — and yeah, we’ll take a few style pointers from them when it feels right. For example, bless this generation for making comfortable sneakers the go-to shoe whether you’re at the airport or a bar, and let’s give them some kudos for bringing back some (emphasis on *some*) ‘90s era nostalgia so we can relive our best teenage dirtbag lives once more. 

That said, some of the trends we’re seeing from this generation just won’t fly for those of us thriving in our 30s. We need cool sophistication — AKA a wardrobe that’s equal parts “grown-up chic” but that doesn’t feel dated, expected, or boring. Clothing that has a little bit of an edge, but said edge has been gently polished. 

Ready to infuse your closet with some unique pieces? Check out these ten places to shop that won’t make you look like Gen Z. 

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Madewell Outfit

Madewell’s style is in the name. The retailer goes above and beyond to curate timeless essentials with quality in mind for your favorite staple pieces.

Think a killer pair of well-fitted jeans, basic tees you’ll wear over and over again, and gorgeous sweaters that never go out of style. 

Shop Madewell

Free People

Free People Outfit
Free People

For a pinch of easy bohemian flare, look no further than Free People. From breezy tunics to oversized coatigans to flowing maxis, the store is brimming with pieces that you’ll feel excited to show off.

Shop Free People 


Anthropologie Outfit

Anthropologie is a one-stop shop of home decor, curated wellness goodies, and trendy clothing.

Similar to Free People, the retailer curates quite a few boho-chic styles, but it also sells classic wardrobe staples, trendy footwear, and even some preppy clothing.

Shop Anthropologie


Rothys Outfit

We love a company that cares about the environment, and Rothy’s totally fits the bill with its lineup of footwear made from recycled plastic.

In addition to the classic flats you can wear with literally anything, Rothy’s makes loafers, boots, and sneakers. All the shoes are machine washable, too.

Shop Rothy’s

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway Outfit
Rent the Runway

Speaking of sustainability, Rent the Runway is one of the best places to shop if you care about reducing waste and looking good. Simply sign up for a membership to receive a rotation of either four or eight items per month, and you’ll have something new to wear all the time.

The membership gives you access to everything from designer gowns (perfect for formal events) to office attire, accessories, bags, and beyond. 

Shop Rent the Runway

Banana Republic

Banana Republic Outfit
Banana Republic

With its sophisticated and timeless style, we’re pretty sure Banana Republic’s heritage-chic aesthetic will never, ever fall from fashion’s favor.

Plus, the brand prides itself on creating high-quality garments and accessories that you can confidently keep in your closet for years to come. 

Shop Banana Republic 


Aerosoles Outfit

Aerosoles proves you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes to enjoy style and comfort.

The retailer offers a versatile range of trendy, middle-tier priced footwear that’ll typically cost you between $50 to $200. With shoes for everyday wear, work, and an evening out, there’s literally something for every occasion. 

Shop Aerosoles

Good American

Good American Outfit
Good American

If you haven’t peeped apparel from Good American yet, you are seriously missing out.

The jeans are game-changing not just because they make your legs and butt look amazing, but because one size accommodates up to four different sizes so you can comfortably wear them if your weight fluctuates. The bodysuits are legit, too. 

Shop Good American


Zara Outfit

Undeniably fashion-forward, Zara does a stellar job of curating collections that follow today’s biggest runway trends.

At the same time, its clothing and accessories are super wearable, allowing you to have your real world-meets-catwalk moment whether you’re at a party, happy hour, or just running errands.

Shop Zara 

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective Outfit
Girlfriend Collective

This roundup wouldn’t be complete without a little athletic wear. With so many brands to choose from it’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but our pick is Girlfriend Collective.

The retailer makes its products from recycled materials, caters to a broad range of sizes, and the clothing is addictively comfortable. 

Shop Girlfriend Collective 

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