Here’s what the Best Picture nominees would look like if they were Disney movies

The Oscars are tonight, and what better way to celebrate than with squee-worthy animals?

Disney has adorably created fake movie posters for the 88th Academy Awards’ Best Picture nominees, inspired by its new animated film, Zootopia. The result? Serious cuteness overload.

Mad Max: Fury Road is now Mad Yax: Furry Road, starring Tom Hairy.


The Big Short turned into Mr. Big Short (Mr. Big is a character from Zootopia), starring Christian Baale, Steve Carrellephant, Ryak Gosling and Brad Pig.


Steve Jobs was reimagined as Steve Paws, a film from director Bunny Boyle and screenwriter Baaron Sorkid starring Michael Fuzzbender and Cat Winslet.


Disney’s Bridge of Spies from Stephen Spielberg is remade into Stephen Spielbear’s Bridge of Sloths.


And finally, our favorite: The Revenant is now The Hibernant, played by Leonardo DiCapolar. We wonder if this guy’s also got a chip on his shoulder about taking home an Oscar this year?


Disney did leave out Brooklyn, Spotlight, The Martian and Room from the parodies—we’re not really sure why.

Regardless, all this adorableness has us pumped for the Academy Awards tonight, even if there won’t be any sloths in attendance.

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