The best part of the “Wonder Woman” trailer is Dawn from “The Office”

Like the rest of the world, we are verrrrry excited for the Wonder Woman film coming out next year. The new trailer blessed us with a glimpse into the World War I-set story, as well as some pretty awesome Lasso of Truth action.


Yet there was also one cameo we noticed in the trailer that has us extra excited.

Now, you have to be a fan of The Office – and we’re talking specifically about the original UK version –  to get this reference, but if you are, then you may have noticed a familiar face in the Wonder Woman trailer.

We’re talking about secretary-come-children’s book illustrator, Dawn Tinsley (played by british actor Lucy Davis), of course.

Fans of the original Office, will remember Dawn as Tim’s (Martin Freeman) love interest in the show. She was also the office’s adorably miserable secretary.

Well, in the new Wonder Woman trailer, Davis makes her first appearance as ETTA CANDY.


In the world of Wonder Woman, Etta is actually the title heroine’s punchy best friend. And it’s ironically funny that she introduces herself as a secretary (you know, like Dawn was on The Office). 

But when this exchange happened, it was maybe THE best part of the trailer (at the very least, it’s the funniest.)

We couldn’t agree more, Etta!

And if you haven’t had a chance to see the trailer yet, here it is:

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