The very best things to watch during Shark Week (it’s here!)

It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year: It’s Shark Week! Starting this Sunday, July 5th, the Discovery Channel is kicking off its annual smorgasbord of shark related programming. Even if you’re scared to go back in the water — because of Jaws — you can totally get behind the awesome, and educational, programming from the comforts of your own couch. Because who doesn’t like an entire week of television geared around SHARKS?

While there will be a lot of programming repeated from last season (it’s still great programming) there are plenty of new shows to catch this year, too. So what should you clear your entire evening schedule for next week? Here you go:

Shark Trek  — July 5th, 8pm

Are you ready to sink your teeth into the “biggest study ever of Atlantic great whites”? HECK YES. So here’s that first helping of educational material for you, as a team of engineers tries to get to the bottom of why shark sightings are on the rise in Florida.

Return of the Great White Serial Killer — July 6th, 9pm

How’s this for a haunting shark story: Every two years since 2008, a shark has attacked Surf Beach, California. Well, it’s time to get to the bottom of this mystery, as scientists try to figure out if the shark will strike again, WHY it’s striking every two years, and if it is in fact the same shark each time.

Alien Sharks: Close Encounters —  July 6th, 10pm

Alright, you had me hooked at the world “alien.” Here’s the thing about the ocean: It is SO BIG and so many parts of it are still relatively unknown. Scientists are still finding new water species because it’s impossible to dive so deep due to the ocean’s pressure.

But, just because it’s impossible doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to try it. Alien Sharks will have us follow a team of scientists as they try to discover sharks that glow in the dark on the ocean’s floor.

Bride of Jaws — Tuesday, July 7th, 9pm

This giant 16+ foot shark has been nicknamed “Joan of Shark” and is considered the real-life version of Jaws and lives off of Western Australia. She’s so big, scientists of course want to tag her to chart her migratory patterns (and also who doesn’t want to keep tabs on a GIANT shark?). So come along as scientists try to do just that: Locate, and electronically tag, Joan.

Ninja Sharks — July 8th, 10pm

While these sharks aren’t actual ninjas, they are just as swift and deadly as real ninjas. Or, as Discovery describes them, they are, “stealthy assassins [who] exploit prey with specialized adaptations,” making them some of the most deadly sharks on the planet. Yikes!

Sharks of the Shadowland — July 10th, 10pm

Attack survivor Jenny Oliver, along with researcher Kina Scollay, are trying to get to the bottom of a group of mysterious sevengill sharks that appear to be hunting in packs. They’re also threatening divers in New Zealand, so they really want answers.

Sharksanity 2 — July 11th 9pm

When it’s time to say goodbye to Shark Week (tear), at least we’ll have Sharksanity 2 to give us only the best moments and “bites” from the last week of programming. Kinda like a giant Shark Week clip show, so if you somehow manage to miss all of Shark Week, at least catch this so you have something to talk about with your friends.

Have an amazing Shark Week, everyone!

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