This Year’s Best Shows You Might Have Missed

Summer is a time for the best kind of to-do lists. Summer reading lists, a check list of ice cream flavors to try, all the beaches or amusement parks you want to hit. And it’s also a time to catch up on the new 2013-2014 shows you were just too busy to start in the fall. With three months of re-runs ahead of us, now is the time to catch up on this year’s freshman series you might have missed.

1. Broad City

If you didn’t watch this series when it premiered earlier this year, then you need to download that business and get cracking right away. Trust us. It’s that good. Started as a webseries in 2009, this comedy, produced by Amy Poehler, follows two besties in New York city getting involved in all sorts of shenanigans. Its hilarious leads IIana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson more than carry the show, but you could tune in for the great cameos alone; the show boasts appearances by Janeane Garofalo, Amy Sedaris and Rachel Dratch.

2. Reign

It’s easy to dismiss a CW show, but this historical-romance-drama-comedy (whether intentional or not) is just how you wish your high school history text-book really read. Mary Queen of Scots runs around the 16th century French court in very pretty dresses kissing Francis, heir to the throne and her fiancé, as well as Bash, his older bastard brother. It’s best to embrace the historical inaccuracies and Lordes covers and just enjoy Mary’s giant earings and Queen Catherine’s one liners.

3. Brooklyn-Nine-Nine

The comedy about Andy Samberg wearing a Speedo to work (at least that’s how the promos made it seem), won two Golden Globes this year, which should be enough of an endorsement to check it out. It also has one of the strongest female casts of the season, and, on at least one occasion, puppies.

4. Faking It

This MTV show is only five episodes in, so you can jump in before the first season finale in June. Set in a high school where identifying as LGBTQ can get you in with the cool kids, social climber Karma is more than ok with pretending to be dating her best friend Amy. It’s a solid plan, until Amy realizes she wants to be more than friends with Karma,  and she struggles to figure out how to preserve their friendship as she battles her crush. And bonus, the school mean girl is played by canceled-too-soon Bunhead’s star, Bailey Buntain.

5. Enlisted

Call it the curse of poor, passed over Piz, but this adorable brothers-based comedy has unfortunately already gone to the great DVR in the sky. But as all TV fans know by now, cancellation doesn’t always mean a show was bad, just under-appreciated. The story of three brothers messing up and hugging it out on an army base is well worth a few hours of your summer.

6. Sleepy Hollow

Despite what you might have seen on Tumblr, Sleepy Hollow isn’t just about a cute British guy from the past being confused by modern technology (though, honestly, I’d watch that show too). It’s also about a battle for good and evil, a rundown on some seriously creepy monsters, and one of the best buddy cop dramas on TV.

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