You must listen to the best new music that came out this week

Having a hard time keeping up with all the new music that drops every week? Us too — which is why we’re rounding up the best new music of the week every Saturday evening.

Elohim — “Pigments”

This gorgeously moody tune, courtesy of the mysterious LA artist Elohim, is a wash of sonic colors, which is fitting since the song’s name is “Pigments.” “I could change your pigments” — love has been a topic of songs for millennia, but how devastating is this sentiment, of wanting to literally change the essential in another?

Santigold — “Chasing Shadows”

Santigold has long been the secret master of a particular kind of worldly, genre-pushing pop, and it’s no surprise that her latest single “Chasing Shadows” sounds like a glittery transmission from a tropical world. Paired with the eye-searing aesthetics in her new music video, “Shadows” is a hint and a hit of eternal summer, like walking alone in the wash of neon lights hitting post-showers streets.

Rostam — “EOS”

The name is either ill-timed or genius search engine optimization, but “EOS,” by Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij, itself is a tranquil slice of sound. Its slow -glowstick-rave-meets-aurora-borealis video is a perfect representation of this delightful, distorted tune.

Quilt — “Roller”

We’ll never get sick of lady-voice dream-pop, and Quilt’s “Roller” is that, but with an edge. “Honey, you’ve been at my throat about it” — Anna Fox Rochinski sounds like she’s about to leave her paramour, in the best possible way.

Daughter — Not To Disappear

You’ve probably heard one of Daughter’s whisper-thin tunes before, and their sophomore album doesn’t deviate from that formula. However, the songs are deeper and just a touch darker; this is the kind of album you play while wrapped up in a blanket, the fire (or at least a heater) crackling in the background, your eyes fixed on a point just out of your vision.

Explosions in the Sky — “Disintegration Anxiety”

Your favorite epic instrumentalist band is back, and their new single is appropriately epic. “Disintegration Anxiety” is actually one of the shorter songs in the EITS oeuvre, but that doesn’t mean that its release, when it hits, is any less cathartic than their other ones.

Majical Cloudz — Wait & See

Depending on how you feel, Wait & See can function as perfect background music or perfect “put this on and let your mind drift” music. Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto’s music lives up to their project’s name, and the lush songs on their EP evoke wide, slightly unnatural spaces, like the landscapes in video games.

HÆLOS — “Oracle”

“Oracle” sounds like it could be on a Hans-Zimmer-for-Christopher-Nolan score, or at least the song the DJ plays at the end of a long, dawn-hitting set. The instrumental on its own is mesmerizing, but with Lotti Benardout’s voice layered on top, the song is transcendent.

Miranda Lambert — “Sweet By and By”

Part of Dave Cobb’s Southern Family compilation, the song is indeed about a Southern family, but its crooning hook is a shivery bit of pure pop melody. Lambert’s songs tend to be quite, shall we say, confrontational, but “Sweet By and By” is a little softer and more sentimental than we’d expect to hear from her.

Erykah Badu — “TRILL FRIENDS”

We shouted out Badu’s excellent remix/cover/mash-up earlier this week, but it’s worth reposting again. Put your bathrobe on, pour yourself a glass of wine, and twirl around your room barefoot.

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(Image via Atlantic Records.)