Not just love songs: Listen up to the best new music of the week


Having a hard time keeping up with all the new music that drops every week? Us too — which is why we’re rounding up the best new music of the week every Saturday evening.

Beyoncé — “Formation”

We’ll let any of these pieces do the talking.

Missy Elliott — “Pep Rally”

We were teased Elliott’s new track via a Super Bowl commercial, but the full thing is almost cinematic in its intensity, storyline, and narration, courtesy of Elliott’s MC-ing. “Pep Rally” has a built-in dance, plenty of sports and spectacle references, and a healthy dose of Elliott’s unbridled joy.

Röyksopp — “Bounty Hunters”

Star Wars has always had excellent music, but their new compilation album Headspace is taking things to a whole ‘nother level. For their contribution, the Norwegian electronica wunderkinds mix in dialogue samples (including one from this iconic scene) and sound samples (like the X-Wings firing sound) for a mashed-up, immediately modern remix.

Santigold — “Banshee”

“Banshee” is filled with so much audio color, it’ll convince you that you have synesthesia. Seriously, we’re so hyped for Santigold’s return, and “Banshee” is just a glorious slice of inventive pop.

Gwen Stefani — “Make Me Like You”

“Used To Love Me” was a fine re-entrance for Stefani, post-divorce and also post-new love, but “Make Me Like You” is a welcome return for sassy Stefani. “Why’d you have to go and make me like you?” — not a problem, when it comes to liking this song.

St. Vincent — “Emotional Rescue”

St. Vincent’s been tweaking her vocals more and more as her career goes on, and “Emotional Rescue” (a cover of the Rolling Stones song) casts the lyrics through a glassy, breathy filter. Made for the film A Bigger Splash, a film ostensibly about Tilda Swinton seducing a lot of people, this funky cover seems pitch perfect.

Eskimeaux — “Power”

For a song named “Power,” everything sure sounds muted. But as bedroom pop band Eskimeaux’s wont to do, this simple-seeming song has layers and layers of meaning and emotion; you’ll loop “Power” over, and over, and over again.

James Blake — “Modern Soul”

If you’ve been missing James Blake’s rippling, experimental electronica, we’ve got good news: He’s slated to come out with a new album this year. And if “Modern Soul” is any indicator, it’ll have been worth the wait.

Jack Garrett — “Fire”

“Tell me I’m fire, baby” — this simple line lights the spark for the rest of this dubby, exhilarating not-so-slow burn. Keep an ear out for Garratt — he won BBC’s Sound of 2016 poll, and joins the ranks of folks like Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, Haim, and none other than Adele.

The Jezabels — Synthia

The glitchy synths on the Jezabels’s new album aren’t just the obvious parallel to the album title — they’re the perfect vehicle for the Aussie band’s sometimes slinky, sometimes sinister, bee stung-pop songs.

Stream Synthia here


Tinashe — “Ride Of Your Life”

Okay, technically this came out last week, but rising R&B powerhouse Tinashe teamed up with one of hip-hop’s hottest producers for this roiling, tongue-in-cheek track.

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