We’re all ears for the best new music of the week


Having a hard time keeping up with all the new music that drops every week? Us too — which is why we’re rounding up the best new music of the week every Saturday evening.

Icona Pop — “Someone Who Can Dance”

Have you ever heard something so viscerally “YAAASSSS” that you want to faint? Icona Pop’s latest is just that — and, it also offers the best pop music Pirate Bay reference ever.

Zayn — “It’s You”

Pop’s most interesting bad boy (come at me, Bieber stans) gives his voice full range on this breathy, vocally bold tune. Sing it together: “It’s youuuuOOOOOOOOoooOOOOOOOooooOOOooooOOooooOOO…”

Santigold — 99 Cents

We got a hint of all the pop goodness Santigold was set to unleash in the run-up to 99 Cents, but the actual breadth of the album is, well, breath-taking. (Though, we’ll be saving these songs for summer, where they truly belong.)

Stream 99 Cents here

Yuna — “Crush” ft. Usher

Two of modern R&B’s most consistent voices have finally teamed up together for one all-star effort, and it’s smoother than one of those screensaver videos of a lush perpetual waterfall.

Charli XCX — Vroom Vroom