The best new books to read in December

Now that it’s December, we’re in full-on comfort mode. We’re counting down the days until we’re on vacation, relaxing with friends and family, and snacking on yummy holiday treats. We have plans to sit around and do nothing but read during the holidays (Christmas fiction, anyone?) and these are the best new books at the top of our TBR pile.

This reading list has a little bit of everything: a book for every winter mood. Whether you want a sweet romance or something moodier to match the chilly weather outside, we have you covered.

Here are the best new books to read in December that you don’t want to miss:

1Winter Loon by Susan Bernhard, out December 1st


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When Wes was a boy, he watched his mother drown in a frozen lake. Now, abandoned by his father at age 15, he’s living with his cruel grandparents and trying to find his place. Curl up with this beautiful, stunning, and thought-provoking coming-of-age story.

2Radiant Shimmering Light by Sarah Selecky, out December 4th


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If you need a belly laugh, add Radiant Shimmering Light to the top of your reading list. This hilarious satirical novel is about a single 40-year-old woman trying to build her brand as an animal aura portrait artist (lol) and her newly internet-famous cousin who supposedly has all the answers. Prepare for a lot of giggling and a lot of cringing.

3My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren, out December 4th


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Christina Lauren is back with the perfect book to binge-read over the holiday break. My Favorite Half-Night Stand is the writing duo’s best romantic comedy of a read yet.

4Yes, I’m Hot in This: The Hilarious Truth about Life in a Hijab by Huda Fahmy, out December 11th


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Webcomic artist Huda Fahmy gets asked a lot of questions about being a Muslim American woman and wearing a hijab. One of the biggest: Aren’t you hot? (Answer: Yes.) Now, she’s releasing a collection of comics in book form. Yes, I’m Hot in This is hilarious, honest, and will show you how alike all humans actually are.

5A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis: Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep Better—and Get High Like a Lady by Nikki Furrer, out December 25th


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Whether you want to use cannabis to relieve anxiety, improve your sleep, or just have some fun, turn to this helpful guide. It’s filled with information about the health benefits of cannabis and can help you find the right dose. Plus, it even includes over 20 recipes for edibles and self-care products.

6The Gown: A Novel of the Royal Wedding by Jennifer Robson, out December 31st


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I’m still thinking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding. If you are too, pick up The Gown, a fascinating historical novel about the women who made Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding dress for her 1947 royal wedding to Prince Philip.

7Calm the F*ck Down: How to Control What You Can and Accept What You Can’t So You Can Stop Freaking Out and Get On With Your Life by Sarah Knight, out December 31st


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Through the years, Sarah Knight has taught us how to stop giving a f*ck, get our sh*t together, and “do us.” She’s back with another book to help us handle life’s curveballs and manage everyday anxieties. This is the straightforward yet sassy type of self-help we need going into 2019.

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