34 of the Best TV and Movie Kisses of All Time

Relish in these sweet, steamy, and swoon-worthy smooches.

Today is International Kissing Day, which means it’s time to lock lips with your boo (or a hot, *vaccinated* stranger). Forget Valentine’s Day—today, July 6th, is the day for smooching as much as your heart (and other body parts) desires. However, if you don’t have someone you’re eager to make out with, we’ve got you covered with some fantasies instead.

If you’re flying solo this summer (hello, Hot Girl Summer), live vicariously through the best onscreen kisses of all time. We’re talking all the hottest TV and movie make-out sessions you’re craving, featuring everything from sweet, romantic moments to steamy, lets-take-things-further scenes. Below, enjoy the best onscreen kisses ever, in honor of International Kissing Day.

Best movie kisses of all time:

Spiderman: Peter and Mary Jane upside-down kiss

We’d be remiss to not mention one of the most iconic kissing scenes of all time: the upside down kiss between Peter Parker and Mary Jane in Spider-Man in the rain. Can you say “dramatic”?

Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock and Molly

Um, we’re a little confused how Molly didn’t get injured by the shattered glass in this scene, but we’ll accept a little movie magic. The intense kiss is worth a little unbelievability.

Someone Great: Jenny and Nate in an apartment

The chemistry between LaKeith Stanfield and Gina Rodriguez is hot, hot, hot. Not only do they know how to be goofy with one another, but they also know how to get down under the sheets. It’s a kissing scene that feels real, raw, and perfect.

The Notebook: Ally and Noah on the porch

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling’s chemistry is palpable in The Notebook in every. single. scene. But this urgent, handsy make out sesh on the porch is one of our favorites.

Crazy Stupid Love: Hannah and Jacob in the bar

Another Ryan Gosling kiss coming at you (you’re welcome). When Emma Stone’s character storms into a bar dripping wet from the rain and pounces on the “hot guy from the bar” (Gosling), it’s seriously sexy. Plus, the following scene where the pair bonds at his house is adorable.

The Photograph: Michael and Mae in the booth

Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield’s chemistry is through the roof in The Photograph. Case in point: when the pair locks eyes—and then lips—in a booth on their date, it’s 100% natural and hot.

10 Things I Hate About You: Patrick and Kat on the paintball course

Ah, 10 Things I Hate About You. We’ll never get sick of watching this 1999 rom-com, just like we could watch this kiss between unlikely pair bad boy Patrick Verona and feminist Kat Stratford. Totally worth the paint stuck in her hair, we’re sure.

A Cinderella Story: Sam and Austin in the rain

“Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought: useless and disappointing.” Not only is this line said by Hilary Duff iconic, but the kiss that happens afterward—once it finally does rain—is nothing short of cinematic magic.

Booksmart: Hope and Amy in the bathroom

Booksmart‘s Amy couldn’t be more likable, so when she escapes a party to cry in the bathroom and then unexpectedly kisses hot-girl Hope, we’re cheering her on.

TATBILB: Lara Jean and Peter in the hot tub

Ah, young love. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is peak high school rom-com, and the chemistry between Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky is too sweet to handle. The adorable pair gets steamy in the hot tub on their school ski trip, and we’re totally here for it.

Call Me By Your Name: Elio and Oliver’s first kiss

Tons of sexual tension leads up to Elio and Oliver’s first kiss in Call Me By Your Name, and their first, heated kiss is worth the wait.

Bridget Jones: Bridget and Mark in the snow

Who could forget Bridget Jones running around in her underwear and sneakers in a snowstorm? Not only are the circumstances memorable, but the kiss between she and Mark after she apologizes adorably awkwardly is, too.

The Titanic: Rose and Jack’s first kiss

Does it get more swoon-worthy than this? From the gorgeous sunset to the romantic positioning at the bow of the ship, this moment between Jack and Rose goes down in history as one of the best kisses ever. Cue “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion and our eyes growing teary.

Love, Simon: Simon and Blue on the ferris wheel

Everyone dreams of kissing on the top of a ferris wheel, and that daydream is brought to life in this sweet moment between Simon and Blue in Love, Simon.

Sixteen Candles: Samantha and Jake

“Make a wish Samantha.” “It already came true.” Swoon. Is this not every 16-year-old’s fantasy? We sure think so.

Cruel Intentions: Kathryn and Cecile

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character teaching Selma Blair’s character how to kiss in the middle of Central Park will never be forgotten. It’s funny, sexy, and oh-so-innocent.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Katniss and Peeta on the beach

We were always Team Peeta during The Hunger Games trilogy, and this romantic beach kiss between him and Katniss in Catching Fire shows why.

13 Going on 30: Jenna and Matt in the sand

You’ve got the New York City skyline, a packet of razzles, and a swingset—what could be more romantic? Matt and Jenna are the cutest best-friends-turned-lovers, especially when they share this long-overdue kiss in the sand.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: Andie and Ben in the bathroom

Andie Andersen and Ben Barry have some serious sex appeal—when they’re not bickering, that is. This scene is the culmination of this love-you-hate-you duo’s tension, and it ends in a steamy kiss.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Ron and Hermione in the Chamber of Secrets

Could this possibly be the longest-awaited kiss ever? Harry Potter fans held out for seven films before they finally got to see Ron and Hermione kiss, and it didn’t disappoint.

Moonlight: Kevin and Chiron on the beach

This kiss between Kevin and Chiron in Moonlight is honest, raw, and an important scene for all viewers.

Pretty Woman: Vivian and Edward on the fire escape

This iconic moment between Vivian and Edward in Pretty Woman has been the subject of many of our fantasies. But the best part? She rescues the knight and shining armor “right back”, like a true badass woman.

When Harry Met Sally:

Is there anything better than falling in love with your best friend? When Harry Met Sally is the perfect example of this type of love, and when the pair finally admits their feelings to each other, it’s pure movie magic.

Twilight: Edward and Bella’s first kiss

If you’re looking for a forbidden, intense kiss, watch Edward and Bella’s first lip-lock in Twilight. It’s sure to stir up all sorts of feelings.

Best TV kisses of all time:

The Mindy Project: Danny and Mindy on the plane

Kissing in the back of an airplane? Yes, please. This at-first-tentative and then super-steamy kiss between Danny and Mindy is one for the books.

New Girl: Nick and Jess’s first kiss

“I meant something like that.” *Gasp*. Our jaws dropped when Nick finally kissed Jess in Season 2 of New Girl. Dude knows what he’s doing.

The OC: Summer and Seth upside down kiss

Seth and Summer will always be one of the OG onscreen high school couples #goals, and this Spiderman moment is just one of their many adorable scenes together.

Insecure: Lawrence and Issa in his apartment

After years of Issa and Lawrence being broken up, they finally decide to give their relationship one more shot. But just when you think things are going to end after their date, Issa’s “I’m not ready for the night to end yet” turns the whole night around. This kissing scene is one not to be missed.

Gilmore Girls: Luke and Lorelai’s first kiss

It took four seasons of Lorelai ordering coffee at Luke’s Diner for him to finally muster up the courage to kiss her. And after all that build-up, it’s just as awkward, cute, and perfectly them as we always imagined it would be.

Gilmore Girls: Rory and Jess

We’re Team Jess all the way, and this clip of him kissing Rory shows why. There’s just something about a bad boy that’s irresistible, right?

Jane the Virgin: Rafael and Jane on the couch

The banter between these two characters is top-notch, but it’s when the conversation turns from playful to passionate that this scene really hooks us.

Friends: Ross and Rachel’s first kiss

After nine years of pining over her, Ross Gellar finally gets to kiss Rachel Green, and it’s one of the most intense moments in the entire Friends series.

Orange Is the New Black: Piper and Alex

Piper and Alex waste new time in making their first kiss ultra-passionate.

The Office: Jim and Pam after casino night

One of our favorite TV couples of all time, Jim and Pam from The Office, don’t have the smoothest start to their love story, but their first kiss is perfect as can be.

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