The very best moments from last night’s Met Gala

The Met Gala is always always swoon-worthy. Stars turn out in the most amazing, ambitious, and awe-inspiring looks, and we spend our night perusing their perfection on social media. Last night was the annual gala, and it did not disappoint. The theme this year was tied to the opening of the exhibit at the Costume Institute: “China: Through the Looking Glass.” With that in mind, the looks had a hint of Asian inspiration from beautiful floral prints, to headdresses, to drapery that was not messing around.

In case you weren’t staring at your Twitter or Instagram all night, here are a few of the moments and looks that took our collective breath away.

Solange’s logic defying dress. 

So many questions about how this dress works! But most importantly, when will H&M have something similar?

J. Lo’s perfection.

Anne Hathaway channeling all our sci-fi dreams. 

Queen Bey! That ponytail! That dress! That stare! She can do no wrong.

And this awesome moment when we all got a serious case of #relationshipgoals.

When Katy Perry and Madonna cuddled on the red carpet and didn’t invite us.

And then snuggled up with Lady Gaga and our invite was yet again lost in the mail.

Speaking of Lady Gaga . . .

Kim K’s peacock train was on point. Same re: Kanye’s fringe and mild boredom.

SJP’s headpiece was a whole lot of whoa.

J-Law. Because, J-Law forever. 

But no one — no one — came close to the perfect that was Rihanna. No words.

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