Seriously fate? This ring bearer and flower girl got married 20 years later

So the Internet is mildly obsessing over this love story right now, and with intensely good reason. If you have ever doubted fate, if you’ve ever been a cynic about love, if you’ve ever looked up from a pint of ice cream and said aloud to an empty room “LOVE DOES NOT EXIST,” read on. This may be your cure.

As reported by a local FOX stationBriggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn first walked down the aisle together in 1995 at a wedding where she was the flower girl and he was the ring bearer (already, awww). They walked down the aisle together AGAIN this past Saturday, at their own wedding, with 310 guests standing by as witness to the mysterious ways in which destiny rules (that sound you just heard was me blowing my nose, these emotions are raw and real).

The 1995 wedding was for Briggs’ godmother, who Brittney’s mom worked with at the time (confusing, I know). The bride needed a flower girl, and Brittney was available. She was a sassy, busy little flower girl; a compliment to Briggs who was more of the stoic, silent type of ring bearer. Opposites then and opposites now. Their family and friends say they were made for each other.

Back in ’95 each did their wedding day duty and then went their separate ways. But fate took over and put them together in the same high school class seven years later. Briggs didn’t even remember Brittney at first (I mean, she probably looked totally different), until she turned around in class and said, “Hey, I think I have a picture of you on my wall.” Sure enough, that very same picture (of the duo at the ’95 wedding) was hanging in Briggs’ house too.

The couple reunited in 2007, but didn’t immediately start a romance as both were dating other people. Their romance took two years to spark up, but once they fell for each other there was no turning back. Because this was love!

The newlyweds with the incredible love story are both students at Mankato State University in Minnesota. Briggs and Brittney say they’re loving all the positive attention and saving all the clippings (maybe even this one) to show to their children one day. Honestly, this story is so hard to believe, they may need the proof. Our hearts are just bursting. Like bursting, bursting. Congrats you two crazy kids.

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