The 7 Most Perfect Lip-Syncing Scenes in Movie History

Jimmy Fallon has brought back lip-syncing in a big way with his celebrity lip sync battles—Paul Rudd’s Freddie Mercury number was particularly amazing. But lip syncs in movies go way back (there are quite a few memorable dubs from ‘80s films and earlier). So for everyone who has silently sung into hair brushes in front of the mirror (ME), here are my favorite movie lip syncs!

1. “Foxy Lady” from Wayne’s World

OK, OK, I know many of you would prefer the head-banging “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene. But, Garth’s “Foxy Lady” hand-ears are simply hilarious.

2. “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll” from Risky Business

Tighty-whities and vintage Ray-Bans are apparently a recipe for a both a successful movie lip sync—and a slammin’ Halloween costume.

3. “Oh, Baby” from Dirty Dancing

It’s a bummer to think that this scene is not as flirtatious as we would like, because apparently these two on screen lovebirds didn’t get along IRL. #Crushed

4. Iconic scene from Singing in the Rain

I am a little partial to Singing in the Rain—see my bio. And the entire plot revolves around a lip sync ruse.

5. “Jump (For My Love)” from Love Actually

“A golden oldie, for a golden oldie.”

6. “Danke Schoen” from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Oh, Ferris. You had a day chock-full of shenanigans and your showmanship on this float tops them all.

7. “Try a Little Tenderness” from Pretty in Pink

Duckie’s record store performance melts my heart. John Cryer is just so great and sensitive. It may very well be my favorite ‘80s movie moment. And that’s saying something. Tips hat to John Hughes.

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Lawrence’s deleted lip sync scene from American Hustle.