10 “Kimmy Schmidt” lines from Season 2 that still have us cracking up

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Tina Fey’s latest comedic offering, is unsurprisingly full of running jokes, physical comedy, and 30 Rock style absurdity.

The plot centers around Kimmy Schmidt, a 30-something woman who was kept underground in a bunker for 15 years, now trying to make up for lost time in New York City. The show puts a high premium on jokes-per-minute, and with this fast pace, it’s easy to miss some of the quick one-liners. Between Kimmy’s dated lingo, her roommate Titus’ inventive nicknames, and the satirical skewering of New York City’s elite, there is plenty of room for some rapid-fire witticisms (and for us to wonder, “Who are these people, and when can we hang out?!”) Here are our favorite top 10 zingers from Season 2.

Titus: “Get in sync, Kimberlake, I gotta go get divorced.”


Thank you Titus for using a reference Kim can understand! And 10 points to Gryffindor for “Kimberlake.”

Lillian: “I’m a great wingman — men find me very approachable because my eyes are large and my hair is like beautiful spaghetti.”


Who’s afraid of Lillian Kaushtupper?

Titus: “Titus Andromedon. You may know me from my attendance at such films as Must Love Dogs, and the first 20 minutes of Interstellar.”


Oooooh, sick Interstellar burn. Also: #famous

Kimmy:Giving up isn’t my jam. My jams are grape, jock, and space.”


Kimmy tellin’ it like it is. Space Jam 4eva.

Lillian: “You think I’m crazy just because they named that disorder after me, but this time I’m right.”


Please send theories re: “Lillian Disorder” (immunity to asbestos?!)

Deirdre Robespierre: “I haven’t felt this alive since I left the State Department. You know, I faked the Saddam capture – he’s still out there.”


Anna Camp does upper-class crazy like no one else.

Andrea Bayden: “Well, I’m sorry you had a kickass adventure. And met a dog.”


Tina Fey can be my drunk therapist anytime.

Russ Snyder: “I’m sorry, I’ve been burned before and I was recently engaged to what turned out to be a hologram controlled by a Turkish hacker.”


Jacqueline’s new love interest has a tale straight outta #Tindernightmares.

Titus: “I have been exploited in the past – I once went to an open audition that was just a bum fight.”


It’s competitive out there, man.

Titus: “You need my ex-box — this is where I keep all the junk that was left here by heartbroken exes: part-time lovers, Amish boys on Rumspringa, and So Ahn, a contortionist with the Korean national circus.”


I bet So Ahn left some awesome stuff behind.

Thanks Kimmy and pals, we’re still totally LOL-ing.

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