This Is Your Ideal Job, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

This water sign needs a profession where they can rule with an iron fist.

Finding your calling in life can be very hard. It can take years or even a lifetime to figure out the “right” direction to take in your career. And, even then, you may still be dissatisfied with your profession because you realized it’s not something you actually want to do.

But don’t get discouraged. Rather than taking an aptitude test, look at your birth chart to determine which career you should explore. Astrology can assess the kind of role you naturally gravitate toward at work, which can lead you towards long-term success. For instance, if your sun sign is a Taurus, you may prefer to be your own boss. Or if your sun sign is a Libra, you may prefer to help others in a nurturing way.

As HelloGiggles resident astrologers, I provided what your ideal job may be, according to your zodiac sign. Scroll below to find out which profession you may gravitate toward the most. Don’t forget to read your rising sign, too.


Advising others and being the power behind the throne may contradict your desire to be the best or to win at life. Over time, you’ll find that is where the ultimate power lies. Working behind the scenes means that you can be the puppet master and get your agenda known.


You’re an entrepreneur who’ll likely run a business in the creative field or be the CFO of it. You know how to invest money correctly and take on projects that will bring you the most cash with the least amount of work. Working smarter and managing money is your gift.


Your quicksilver mentality makes you a natural salesperson. Use your abilities to understand what people need and how to make them want it. Being able to help people find things that will help them out in any capacity will make you happy and able to see the good you do.


Your career goals will thrive high due to your kind nature. Being a leader of a group or someone who’s in a position of power will suit you well. Think manager, CEO, or principal of a school—any job that requires ruling with an iron fist and big heart.


You tend to lean more towards the creative side of life which includes: music, film arts, etc. Picking a job that gives you the opportunity to use your creative gifts and talents will be super easy and amazing because you’ll be living your best life and dreams.


You are great at jobs that require a lot of organization, writing, and your love of detail. Also, careers like being an executive assistant that requires you to use your skillset and analytical judgment will serve you best and bring lots of long-term stability in your professional life.


You need to help and nurture the world on a deep and soulful level. This is why you will be drawn toward jobs that allow you to feed, clothe, or care for others. Look for work in the food service industry, art field, philanthropy, or fashion industry, where you make clothes for others who are in need.


You’re an investigator by nature, which is why any field that allows you to dig deep and find out the real tea of the matter will satisfy your innate inquisitive nature. A gig as a journalist, detective, therapist, or the occult industry will let you see life from different perspectives.


If you want to feel fulfilled by your career, get involved in travel writing, be a tour guide, or do something with music. Even politics will speak to you, as you’re always able to state your opinions, which will bring attention your way.


You’re a tough cookie when it comes to your career. But, you’re always fair-minded. Being uncompromising in the work that you do will ensure that you are treated correctly. In terms of the career path you choose, it’s likely that you’ll pursue social work, law, or charity (on the administrative side).


You’re a giver and healer, which is why you’ll be drawn to careers that let you use your abilities and help others. Changing the world through helping people will bring a smile to your face. Letting them see their gifts and power is how you will thrive and grow, too.


You are known for your artistic talents, but you’re especially reputable for the ability you have in the classroom, educating others. The way you explain scholastic material not only helps people evolve in their studies, but it opens up a whole new way of thinking and processing information to them.