Find the Best Style of Jeans for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

See how the stars influence your personal style.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy feat. From straight-leg to high-rise, there are tons of different styles and colors that can change up your look. Do you choose a more tailored, dark-wash pair? Or do you go for a lighter wash, flared-leg jean? In short: Not all denim is created equal. But, then again, neither are the sun signs. 

As each member of the zodiac has a certain personality designated by how the planets were aligned when they were born, they can also have certain style preferences set up by the stars. If you’re the type of person who swears by skinny jeans or only wears relaxed boyfriend jeans, your zodiac sign may have something to do with that. And since jeans are considered must-have wardrobe staples, you can never have enough stylish pairs. To help refine the picking process for our ever-evolving denim collection, we asked astrologer Lisa Stardust to provide us with some insight into how each sign shops—based on the divine energy of the stars, of course.

Aries (March 21st—April 19th)

best new jeans zodiac sign

Mid-Rise Favorite Jeggings

Shop it Gap

“Cropped jeans make it easy for the impulsive ram to move through life with determination and confidence,” Stardust tells us. This classic, comfortable pair can even be dressed up with heels or booties for work, something any #girlboss Aries can appreciate.

Taurus (April 20th—May 20th)

torrid jeggings, best new jeans zodiac sign

Super Stretch Jegging

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Taurus, you’re an earth sign who loves stability and luxury, and while you’re not afraid to take the occasional fashion risk, you value comfort like no other member of the zodiac. Because of this, Stardust says stretchy yet chic jeggings are your top pick.

Gemini (May 21st—June 20th)

old navy ripped jeans, best jeans for each zodiac sign

Mid-Rise Distressed Rockstar Skinny Jeans

Shop it Gap

Gemini, your style is as eclectic as you are, and you favor mixing and matching bold pieces and adding playful elements of color and texture. Ripped jeans are cool and have a dualistic vibe just like Geminis (because each leg of the pair is different), so Stardust says this style is your go-to.

Cancer (June 21st—July 22nd)

levies wedgie jeans best jeans for each zodiac sign

Levi's Women's Wedgie Icon Jeans

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Ah, thoughtful and emotional Cancer. Your sentimental sign embraces all the nostalgia, so Stardust says old and comfy vintage Levi’s will both tell a story and complete your timeless look.

Leo (July 23rd—Aug. 22nd)

madewell colorful printed jeans, best jeans for each zodiac sign

Dyed Classic Straight Jeans

Shop it Madewell

As we know, you lions love the limelight, so you’re drawn to dramatic and daring fashion choices. Colorful or printed jeans like these will help your bold and glamorous self be the center of attention, according to Stardust.

Virgo (Aug. 23rd—Sept. 22nd)

gap straight jeans, best jeans for each zodiac sign

High Rise Favorite Jeggings

Shop it Gap

Virgo, you’re sophisticated, humble, and logical, and your style reflects your personality traits. As such, Stardust recommends high-waisted jeans for your understated elegance and the ability to make a simple statement. You’ll look neat and polished, which, of course, is just what you’re going for.

Libra (Sept. 23rd—Oct. 22nd)

american eagle boyfriend jeans, best jeans for each zodiac sign

Slim 90s Boyfriend Jean

Shop it American Eagle

Ever the romantic, Libra, your style is often feminine and fashionable with just a touch of cool-girl edge. Stardust says that wearing boyfriend jeans will remind you of your lovelorn sentiments while still being classic enough to pair with a flirty top or chunky heel.

Scorpio (Oct. 23rd—Nov. 21st)

best jeans for each zodiac sign

Great Heights Frayed Skinny Jeans

Shop it Free People

Sexy Scorpios can embrace their transformative and evolutionary nature with cool-girl frayed bottom jeans. They’re sleek and low-key with a touch of mystery.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22nd—Dec. 21st)

everlane wide leg jeans best jeans for each zodiac sign

The Super-Soft Wide Leg Jean

Shop it Everlane

If anyone can enjoy a pair of wide-leg jeans, it’s you, Sagittarius. “The thighs are the energy center of the archer; therefore, a roomier wide-leg fit will give them more room to run around in,” says Stardust.

Capricorn (Dec. 22nd—Jan. 19th)

best jeans for each zodiac sign

Curvy Classic Straight Jeans

Shop it Madewell

Coziness and practicality define the sea goat’s personal style. Stardust tells us that you Capricorns like to keep things simple, which is why you’ll choose to wear straight-leg jeans. Plus, a pair like this will go with almost everything you have in your closet.

Aquarius (Jan. 20th—Feb. 18th)

nordstrom flare jeans, best jeans for each zodiac sign

Kelsey High Waist Slit Hem Ankle Kick Flare Jeans

Shop it Nordstrom

“Bell-bottom or flared jeans are ideal for the water-bearer’s funky, eclectic clothing style,” says Stardust. A pair like this will let you tap into your wild side and help you stand out in a crowd.

Pisces (Feb. 19th—March 20th)

free people sailor jeans, best jeans for each zodiac sign

Rolla’s Sailor Jeans

Shop it Free People

Pisces, you’re ruled by Neptune and symbolized by the fish, so Stardust says that sailor-style jeans are the best choice for your maritime vibe, tapping into the sea as your kindred spirit. You appreciate a classic deep-blue wash, too, since your bohemian style is drawn toward colors that remind you of the ocean.

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