9 Items That’ll Help You Organize Your Home in the New Year

Out with the clutter! Keep everything in a handy, easy-to-find place with these practical (and pretty!) products.

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Starting off the new year with a clean slate — both figuratively and literally — is always a good feeling. If you’re anything like me, “organize my kitchen” (and bathroom… and bedroom) are perpetually on your “to do” list but always seem to fall by the wayside thanks to more pressing obligations and deadlines.

But, in addition to not looking so great, clutter can also impact your mood and mindset — so what better way to kick off 2023 than by doing some serious reorganizing? Don’t worry, we’re not talking about a massive undertaking that’ll require hours of work each day.

We’ve gathered our favorite practical organization items for every room in the house — and, as an added bonus, many of them are aesthetically pleasing.

Here are nine of our favorite home organization items that’ll declutter your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and any other space in need of some TLC.

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Open Spaces Underbed Storage Bins — Set of 2

Open Spaces Underbed Storage
Open Spaces

I’ve only been using these for a month and I’m already completely obsessed. These underbed storage bins are perfect for anyone with limited closet space — you can use them to store clothes, sheets, and linens.

The canvas has a nice stretch to it so you can fit a whole lot of items into just one bin. And, because they’re designed to be stowed under the bed, the bins won’t take up any valuable real estate in your bedroom.

Price: $148 at getopenspaces.com

Everything Organizer Collection Deep Turntable With Removable Bins

Container Store Everything Organizer Collection Deep Turntable With Removable Bins
Container Store

Designed with the consultation of professional organizers, this affordable turntable includes two removable bins that you can arrange to create large or small compartments. Instead of digging through cupboards to find that spice or condiment you always use, have it handy right on your countertop. 

Price: $30 at containerstore.com

mDesign Plastic Cosmetic Organizer Storage Station

mDesign Plastic Cosmetic Organizer Storage Station

Ah, the universal struggle of keeping our cosmetics organized and easily accessible. Place this storage station on your bathroom counter or vanity, and you’ll have all your favorite makeup brushes, lipsticks, nail polishes, perfumes, and palette in one place.

Although it doesn’t take up too much space, the organizer is designed to fit as many items as possible. It features three drawers, four larger slots, and twelve small slots. There’s also a decorative clear knob that’s both practical and provides a stylish touch.

Price: $41 at amazon.com

Taylor Madison Designs Storage Tower

Storage Tower
Taylor Madison Designs

This grey and white storage tower is super versatile — put it in any room that could use some de-cluttering assistance. Thanks to the narrow length and width, it takes up minimal space. Plus, the tower comes fully assembled so you can get straight to work when it arrives.

Price: $80 at homegoods.com

Squared Away™ Metal Garment Rack with Storage Base

Squared Away™ Metal Garment Rack with Storage Base
Squared Away™

If you’re out of closet space and want to keep certain clothes as accessible as possible, look no further than this freestanding metal garment rack. But wait, it gets better! The base offers extra storage space where you can stow accessories, purses, and shoes.

Price: $75 at bedbathandbeyond.com

KonMari Hanging File Folder Organizer

KonMari Hanging File Folder Organizer

Although most of our lives have gone digital, we’ll always have important paperwork that’s all-too-easy to misplace. This hanging file folder organizer is designed by the one and only Marie Kondo — and who better to trust than the woman whose home organization chops skyrocketed her to instant fame?

Elegant and sturdy, it’s the ideal place to neatly store your folders so you won’t find yourself frantically scrambling to find copies of important documents.

Price: $25 at shop.konmarie.com

Honey-Can-Do Brown Bamboo Shoe Rack

Brown Bamboo Shoe Rack

Free up some closet space with this bamboo-wood shoe rack. It holds 12 pairs of shoes, and can also be placed in a mudroom (or wherever else your heart desires).

Even better, it’s designed with the environment in mind using sustainable bamboo — and we’re all for that clean green lifestyle!

Price: $50 at homedepot.com

Maya Brenner Jewelry Stand

Jewelry Stand
Maya Brenner

Jewelry is hands-down one of the most difficult things to organize. (Who among us hasn’t spent at least an hour attempting to untangle a necklace?) This jewelry stand is both stylish and functional; it takes up limited space but the thoughtful design allows you to store plenty of necklaces and bracelets. The bottom space is perfect for stowing rings and smaller pieces.

Price: $40 at mayabrenner.com

Taylor Madison Designs Things Storage Basket

Things Storage Basket
Taylor Madison Designs

Everyone needs a storage space for all those miscellaneous items that don’t quite fit into any specific category. Enter this fun, affordable cotton storage basket with a cheeky “Things” printed text on the front. There are no rules — use it to store whatever your heart desires!

Price: $20 at homegoods.com


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