Some of the best Halloween costumes ever seen on TV

It’s officially the best time of the year (IMHO), and while I think the pumpkin-shaped Reese’s Cups and orange Kit-Kats in the humongous candy aisle at Target can speak for themselves, there’s also the plethora of Halloween marathons on TV we always look forward to. Best of all, Halloween episodes are always the most chaotic. Someone almost always dies, or becomes a zombie, or dies and becomes a zombie. Characters always let loose a little bit because for once, they get to be someone else entirely, and that’s always exciting.

Which brings us to the most important part of Halloween: the costumes. Since some our favorite TV characters totally nailed it (or epically failed in the most perfect way, ever) on Halloween, we thought, why not borrow their ideas? Here are some of the best Halloween costumes on TV. You’re welcome.

The Office

Jim Halpert as Facebook

Babe of all office babes, Jim Halpert, goes the witty, minimalistic route on Halloween. Remember when he went as a three hole punch?

Gabe Lewis as Lady Gaga

Gabe, Erin’s creepy PR boyfriend, went all out on Halloween and dressed up as Lady Gaga. Although this isn’t the only horrifying thing Gabe has ever done, it definitely makes my top five Crazy Gabe Moments.

Parks and Rec

Tom Haverford as T-Pain

Because of course Tom Haverford is T-Pain for Halloween. Nothing would embody Tom’s aura quite as perfectly.

Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt as Princess Buttercup and Westley 

Oh heart, be still. I can’t with this Leslie-and-Ben cuteness. I’m totally stealing this idea.

Modern Family

Claire and Phil Dunphy as a dead bride and groom

Although this costume is nothing out of ordinary, we have to give Phil and Claire some major props here. What other parents would dedicate to the cause this hard? Go Dunphys, go!

Haley Dunphy as Mother Teresa 

I have a soft spot for Haley, since she always thinks of the most creative ways to horrify her parents. After many outfit changes, Haley tries to appease Claire by going as Mother Teresa. When she was hot.

Freaks and Geeks

Bill Haverchuck as The Bionic Woman

Watch Bill become deeply immersed in his Bionic Woman Halloween persona. It’s kind of the best.


Joey Tribbiani as Chandler

“I’m Chandler! BLAHGHHHHHHH,” is all the explanation we need. Obviously Chandler is not amused.

Ross as Spudnick 

Oh, poor Ross. He gets mistaken for doody the entire night, but really he’s SPUDnik. Get it? The Russian satellite, Sputnik? A potato is a spud?

New Girl

Nick Miller as Bea Arthur 

Nick Miller is our honorary sarcastic boo for many reasons, and one of them is because he dresses up as Bea Arthur for Halloween. Any guy who can make a Golden Girls-pun costume is my kind of guy.

Schmidt as Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike

Because it would be weird if Schmidt dressed up as anyone else, let’s be real.

Bob’s Burgers

Louise Belcher as Edward Scissorhands

Although I expected something a little more punny from Louise (who usually has a pretty good handle on the Burger of the Day), I appreciated the classic Tim Burton reference.

Linda Belcher as a mermaid

Linda has always been in touch with her sensuality, so when she decided to go as a mermaid, I was all for it. You go, Linda, you sexy mama, you.

The Mindy Project

Mindy Lahiri as Lil’ Wayne on the Prairie 

Well, if you’re not going as Beyoncé Pad Thai, then you obviously need to go as Lil’ Wayne on the Prairie, because this hybrid of things deserves more recognition.

The Simpsons

Homer as a Jack-in-the-Box, Marge as Bride of Frankenstein, Maggie as an alien, Lisa as someone being murdered by an ax, and Bart as a fly.

The Treehouse of Horror episodes are Halloween classics, and Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween if these didn’t exist. Since I couldn’t decide on which Simpsons character had the best costume, I’m including ALL of them. Which is only fair.


Dan Conner as a dead person with his guts splayed all over the table

Roseanne is basically the Ruler of Halloween episodes, because she has like a billion of them. Okay, maybe seven. Remember that Halloween episode when Dan and Roseanne played a trick on Kathy Bowman and it was the best thing that ever happened?

Pretty Little Liars

Emily as something shiny, Hanna as Marilyn Monroe, Aria as a flapper girl, and Spencer as a goth

In this PLL episode, we’re led to believe one of our liars is going to die. Which of course doesn’t happen, because we need our liars to be alive, duh.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

Charlie as the Phantom of the Opera, Frank as Spider-Man, Dennis as Luigi, and Dee as an angel (even though they all just called her a giant bird)

I mean, just Frank in a spandex suit is an image that’s now burned into my brain.

How I Met Your Mother

Lily as a green parrot and Marshall as Captain Jack Sparrow

“Slutty Pumpkin” was one of the best HIMYM episodes, even if it was just because we got to experience the glory of Lily the Green Parrot.

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