Just the Coolest Hairstyles of 2014, So Far

Hair-wise, this year has been such a great one for girls who are ready to embrace some serious change! Right now, the names of the hairstyle game are BIG and BOLD (and we can add FEARLESS here too). Where most of my clients used to limit themselves. to pastel colors and long waves, I’m now playing with grunge elements, bright colors and shorter hairstyles. It’s all about showing your personality and breaking the mold, which I absolutely love! The following fabulous ladies have the 2014 look down pat.

Kylie’s Grunge Ombre

I love this look on such a young trendsetter! It’s fearless and bold and all of it just works. I love her dark, natural color playing against the bright hue on the ends. I also love how often she wears her hair either sleek and straight or with some minimal, beachy waves, really setting the tone for the ultimate mid-length cut of 2014. It’s a little glam, a little grunge and all perfection.

How To Copy: Rock a bright ombre, but with the right color choice! Choose red, lavender, orange or blue, based on your primary hair color and how it blends with the brighter hue. Also, make sure to ask your hairdresser if you have a cooler or warmer-based face shape. This will help to match your color accordingly. And as for the cut, ask for long layers and very textured ends.

Blake’s “Bedhead” Waves

OK, so it’s not as extreme as the others on this list, but…if you want to keep your hair long, this is exactly how to rock it in a modern way. (It’s bedhead texture meets wild sex goddess and I am loving every bit of it!) Waves can still be in this year, but only when they are messy in texture or curved and retro. I also like that there is volume, but it is throughout the roots, mid-strands and ends, giving her whole head of hair perfect balance. It also seems like a pomade product was used as a finish, giving her hair a very “piece-y” texture.

How To Copy: Start with blow-dried, smooth hair. Use a beach spray to give texture and volume. Then, use a curling wand to give bend to random sections of hair. Work in vertical sections around the head until most of the hair has been curled. If some sections are still straight, that’s fine because we’re going for a textured look. Then, finish with a shine spray!

Jennifer’s Asymmetrical Crop

Jennifer’s short, wavy ‘do was a great example of taking classic inspiration (such as the heavy side part and short waves) and combining it with a modern texture and haircut. And I think she pulled it off perfectly! The slicked back side making an asymmetrical statement was completely fierce and unique and the waves were surfer girl meets vintage beauty. I love that this girl is not afraid of any fashion statement!

How To Copy: Use a styling cream before blow-drying the hair. Use a 1 1/2″ curling iron to curl all hair from the mid-strands to the ends. The bigger the sections the better because we are going for slight movement, not full curl. Then, pull one side back tightly and secure with a bobby pin. Use a pomade-like product through the curl to give it body and texture.

Kim’s “Extreme-Sleek” Look

I know, I know. The whole world is over Kim K’s wedding. But I am still not over her hair in this photo. I wasn’t quite into the braid that hung down her back, but let’s face it, nobody saw it anyway. What I did notice was the severe middle part, the sleek tresses pulled back around her face, the minimal volume and the few pieces that hung perfectly around her face. I would have loved it more if was an actual haircut with stunning precision, but I thought everything about this look was modern and fun. It was severe, but soft, which is THE look this year.

How To Copy: This one is pretty simple if you have straight hair. If not, then blow-dry the hair first until it’s straight. Then, create a straight middle part and brush all the hair down into a low, sleek ponytail. I would leave this in a ponytail without doing a braid, but it’s your call! If you have a hard time getting all the hair completely smooth, then use a finishing oil or the toothbrush trick!

Lupita’s Modern Braided Crown:

This has probably been one of my favorite looks of the whole year! A lot of people would be lost for inspiration and stick to the same look time after time if they had hair as short as Lupita’s, but girl switches it up every time! And with this look, she’s truly outdone herself. It combines the shorter more natural styles we are all loving this year and a fishtail braid, pinned and tucked loosely around the top of her head in an asymmetrical way. The fishtail and the asymmetrical quality give it a very modern feel, but the idea of a braided crown has been around forever. I would have never thought to use a braid in such a cool way on short hair and I just love how it turned out!

How To Copy: Pull all of your hair into a tight, high ponytail near the side of your crown. Pull the ponytail to whichever side you want the crown to sit on. Then, braid a fishtail from the ponytail holder to the end of the hair. Secure by sprinkling a powder at the ends and rubbing together. then, pull pieces out of the braid to give it a bit of texture and wrap around loosely as a crown. Secure in each quadrant with bobby pins by tucking them underneath the braid.

What do you think? What have been your favorite hairstyles this year? Share with me on Twitter!

Images Via Essence, HollywoodLife, Julep, JoyDailyTv, and Celebuzz.

Featured Image via RoomeeTimes.com