We tested nearly 100 volumizing hair products, and these are the three best ones

We tested thousands of items for the 2020 Beauty Crush Awards, and amongst them were hundreds of hair products. Hair is such a personal part of who we are, whether we’re on a journey to embrace our natural texture, looking for a texturizing spray to give our hair some oomph, or wanting to know how to dye our hair at home and get professional results. We understand the importance of finding the products that work best, so our team of experts set out to find the best volumizing sprays, powders, and foams on the market.

Below, check out the three best volumizing hair products at every price point:

Best Drugstore Volumizing Product: The Good Stuff Volumizing Hydration Foam

hair volumizing foam the good stuffhair volumizing foam the good stuff

Shop it Available at Target

Styling products can often be drying, but not this one. Its lightweight formula makes hair feel soft and doesn’t weigh it down, and, since it’s formulated with glycerin, it’s hydrating. So basically, it plumps hair up and treats it at the same time. 10/10.

To use, start with two to three pumps of foam and apply to damp, towel-dried hair after showering. With your fingers, run the product through your hair while avoiding your roots. From there, just air dry and wait to see results. You’ll find that your hair feels softer than before and has natural-looking volume.

Best Luxury Volumizing Product: R + Co Balloon Dry Volume Spray

volumizing hair spray r+covolumizing hair spray r+co

Shop it Available at Dermstore

If you’re looking for a volumizer that will feel light as air, this is for you—the spray received 5/5 points during our testing period for how it felt on hair. “I used this spray on a day when it was drizzling and humid and my hair had become limp and lifeless after walking through the rain. After spraying this and brushing though, my hair had noticeably more life, bounce, and volume,” raved an HG tester.

Expert-Recommended Volumizing Product: Marc Anthony Dream Big Volume Volumizing Super Powder

volumizing hair powder Marc Anthonyvolumizing hair powder Marc Anthony

Shop it Available at Walgreens

“This is the best root-lifting powder on the market,” says celebrity hairstylist Patrick Kyle. “[It’s] easy to target areas where you need the most volume. Just spray [on your roots] and rub it in for quick volume at the crown, and then tease the same area to really lock in volume.”

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