The best part of Gina Rodriguez’s casual outfit is 110% her shoes

Most fashionistas will say that even if you’re rocking a grade A, top-notch outfit, if the shoes aren’t right, then the look is a no-go. It looks like Jane the Virgin star, Gina Rodriguez, got that memo. The actress posted a photo of her Wednesday look and the best part about Rodriguez’s outfit is 110 bajillion percent her shoes.

“Trench coats and gold shoes kind of Wednesday,” Rodriguez captioned her Instagram post. But we could barely read it because her shiny gold shoes were blinding us with their metallic glory. Have you ever seen such a lush pair of feet?

The shoes are made by a company out of Southern California called Esquivel Shoes. Designer and shoemaker George Esquivel and his team makes each pair of their leather shoes by hand. The company website writes,

"Producing a limited quantity of hand-made shoes for select retailers and personal clients throughout the world, Esquivel is able to tell a story with each pair through signature hand finishes and a refined finesse developed over two decades of practice."

It sounds like we’re ordering gourmet shoes from a fancy fine dining menu and we LIKE IT.

The pair of Esquivel shoes in Rodriguez’s Instagram are not currently listed on the company’s online shop. But if you’re looking to invest in a pair of gold lace-ups, feel free to submit an order for a custom pair. Esquivel will work with you to design the perfect pair of shoes to keep your toesies happy.

The process takes between six to nine weeks and includes mandatory fittings at their Los Angeles showroom. Your custom order might set you back several hundred dollars, but wow will you get a beautiful product.

Thank you to Gina Rodriguez for opening our eyes to the world of Esquivel shoes. We’ll be over here cracking open our piggybanks if you need us!

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