Here’s the best ever “Game of Thrones” app: Shame Bell

While we do NOT suggest doing your own version of Cersei’s Shame Walk through your own neighborhood, you should at least have a shame bell at your disposal. Just in case.


Ahead of what might be Margaery’s own Shame Walk through King’s Landing this week on Game of Thrones, we’ve found the best app you need to download right now: A Shame Bell. It is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an app for your phone, and when you swing your phone back and forth, it DINGS.

Bonus: there’s even a button on the screen that lets you actually “~shame~” someone. But do it in a very loving, and joking way, of course!


As the app’s description reads, it’s here to help you say “‘Shame on You’ with style” and “can be used practically any time and it always delivers.”

But like, use it with your friends. Don’t use it walking down the street. That’d be weird.

If you’re ready to start using your own shame bell for all occassions, you can download it for your phone (iOS) right here. Enjoy your next stroll through King’s Landing!

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