These best friends had a photoshoot to make an important point about body positivity

There’s this sort of unspoken thing in our culture that seems to imply that best friends should somehow look alike, because people’s personalities are visible in how they look, right? Wrong! Who we are runs so much deeper than our looks, and these best friends had a body positive photoshoot to prove just that.

Body posi fashion Instagram fave Glitter (@glitterandlazers) and BFF Nikki (@tattooedyogimama) joined photographer Ashley Flaig to create a project that we really, truly adore. Because the beautifully empowering photoshoot encourages us to challenge our own perceptions of each other (and ourselves!) and recognize that personality is deeper than appearance.

Glitter shared the shoot on Instagram, and the results are absolutely gorgeous. But it’s not just about the photos themselves. It’s about the words behind them, too.

Glitter explained,

"This is my best friend. She's wears the smallest size in this bralette set and I wear almost the largest. We are very very very different. And people often only see our differences. But all I can see when we're together is how similar we are. We both love to dance. We both love to make up elaborate backstories to tell drunken strangers. We both love to play dress up. We both love animals and treat them like people. We both have to keep a weird diet to make sure our bodies feel their best. It makes me sad how many amazing women miss out on knowing each other because they let something so simple as physical appearance cloud who they think a person is."

Glitter continued, writing that our perceptions of each other based on appearance hardly matter. After all, we don’t have to look like twins to love our friends!

"Sure Nikki and I don't look alike. Heck we don't always think alike, but the things that we have in common have bonded us forever and I am so so grateful to have her in my life. Take chances in getting to know others, move past your perceptions, and I promise you will be rewarded with some amazing friendships you never thought possible. "

We just love that these best friends had a body positive photoshoot, and we’re feeling inspired AF. Thanks, ladies!

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