11 Best Friend Tattoo Ideas That’ll Make You and Your Bestie Want to Get Inked ASAP

best friend tattoo ideas

The importance of a best friend can’t be understated. Your bestie is the person you tell your secrets to, you share memories with, and who is always down for a fun adventure. We don’t call them our ride-or-die friends for just anything—these people show up when we need them most. 

Sure, you can always show your best friend how much they mean to you by giving a unique gift “just because”, but why not commemorate your special bond with something a little more permanent? These delicate best friend tattoos are sweet ways to solidify the fact that your best friend will be there for you (and you’ll be there for them, of course), no matter where life takes you. Choose to get matching designs or slight variations of the same thing—what you and your person get is totally up to you. These tattoo ideas are as unique as you are.