These 6 flat irons will leave even the thickest hair smooth and straight

Thick hair has many perks, but it can also be difficult to style. That’s because people with thicker hair usually have strands that are wider in diameter than people with fine to medium hair. But, as celebrity hairstylist and industry expert Nate Rosenkranz explains, when most people think “thick” hair, they’re referring to the density of the hair (i.e. how many individual hairs there are per square inch). So the more hair you have per square inch, the denser your hair is.

With its heavier weight and greater density, it can be difficult for thick hair to become straight without multiple passes of a flat iron. Because of this, Rosenkranz recommends that people with thick hair look for flat irons that warm up to a high temp (above 380° Fahrenheit) and contain compressing plates that move to help ensure an even heat distribution. He says to be sure to also look at the material of the plates since smoother, coated options will slip through the hair easier without pulling or causing friction.

Generally, titanium plates heat up faster than ceramic ones and can retain a higher heat for longer, making them great for thick, coarse hair types. Ceramic plates do a great job of evenly distributing heat (which minimizes hair damage), and you can use them at a lower temperature. Keep in mind that some flat irons use a mixture of both titanium and ceramic in their plates for optimal results. Either way, these things get hot, so you should always spritz on a heat protectant spray before using a flat iron to cut down on heat damage.

If you’re tired of tricky hot tools that don’t do the job, try out one of these high-quality flat irons that are equipped to tackle thick hair. We consider these picks some of the best because they do their job while keeping hair strong, sleek, and healthy—not frizzy or fried. For shiny, straight hair, give these flat irons a try.

Best flat irons for thick hair:

1T3 SinglePass X 1.5-Inch Wide Flat Iron


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Specially designed to work on thick, coarse, and curly hair, this flat iron has wide ceramic plates for a smooth glide through your strands. An adjustable heat setting that goes up to 410°F allows you to select the optimum heat level for any hair type, while an internal microchip monitors the temperature to make sure it never surges and stays even throughout the plates. Your hair will look smoother and shinier after just one pass.

2Conair Infiniti Pro Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron


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The rainbow plates on this affordable flat iron aren’t just pretty: They’re made of titanium, which is an excellent heat conductor. Thirty different heat settings let you choose what works best for your hair, while the titanium heat locks in moisture and reduces static.

3CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium 1.25” Hairstyling Iron


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This model of the iconic CHI hair straightener has 1.25-inch plates that make it easier to style longer, thicker hair. The titanium-infused ceramic plates allow this flat iron to heat up fast and keep an even temperature as you’re using it. Plus, a digital interface that changes color based on your hair type (blue for fine, green for medium, and red for thick) makes it easy to control the heat settings.

4BioIonic OnePass Straightening Iron


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One of Rosenkranz’s favorites, the new BioIonic OnePass has an improved silicon strip on either side of the ceramic plates that gently grabs hair and guides it through the iron so it’s less likely to catch and pull. The strip also helps the “slip” of the hairs passing through the iron so that you can straighten more hair at a faster speed. This iron also uses BioIonic’s signature moisturizing heat technology, which helps condition hair by sealing and smoothing the hair cuticle for all-day straightness and shine.

5Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener


Shop It! $499,

Sure, this one is pricey, but hear us out. It uses flexible plates that shape to your hair and grab it without pulling, something that’s completely different from the traditional, solid plates that most flat irons use. The plates are also made from a unique manganese copper alloy instead of traditional ceramic or titanium. This unique blend of metals is supposed to be safer for hair, and since it’s a great heat conductor, you’ll be able to straighten your strands on a lower setting. Additionally, this fancy flat iron has a sensor system that regulates the temperature of the plates to make sure that the heat never exceeds your setting and remains constant throughout use. Not to mention that you have the option of using this iron either corded or cordless.

6BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron


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The 5-inch plates on this titanium flat iron are longer than most straighteners, allowing you to use it on wider sections, so you can style long, thick hair faster. It also features 50 heat settings, with the highest temperature reaching 450°F.