The Best Songs Playing at New York Fashion Week, Straight From Spotify’s Playlist

NYFW kicked off on Wednesday with a bunch of bops that you'll want to save for your own bedroom catwalk.

It’s a few days into September, which can only mean one thing: New York Fashion Week is here! The shows started on Wednesday, Sept. 7, and are running through Sept. 14 so that the fashion-obsessed can get a glimpse of the fabulous new collections from the world’s top designers. Even if your name isn’t Anna Wintour, you can log on to watch the likes of Michael Kors, Lafayette 148, Vivienne Westwood, and other household names debut their latest collections—and serve up some killer inspo for your wardrobe. 

While your eyes are fixed on the runway, something else is happening in the background influencing how you feel about the latest collection. Naturally, music plays a huge role during Fashion Week as it can set the tone for an entire show. Designers are careful to choose the best bops to serve as the memorable soundtrack of their collection debuts. Are they serving edgy this year? Or elegant? The music will be a huge clue.

Plus, memories and music are closely linked, so choosing the right song can help critics and shoppers alike remember their favorite clothing and accessories—even after a full week of fashion overload. The music of New York Fashion Week is never an accident, but rather, carefully considered. And it often includes the latest fire tracks.

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These beat-heavy, lyric-light bangers from NYFW—found in Spotify’s official NYC Fashion Week 2022 playlist as well as some past seasons’ soundtracksare great to play while working, exercising, or dancing-slash-trying on clothes in your own runway of a bedroom. But be careful—they’ll be stuck in your head all day. 

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“Slow Cadence” by Crystal Murray and Thee Dian starts off exactly as advertised before launching into a female anthem.   Nina Simone’s 1965 hit into a soulful, modern ballad for anyone who needs to be reminded that every day is a new day.

“White Tee” with NO1-NOAH by Summer Walker is heavy on the auto-tune nad the explicit lyrics, but it’s got a calming and sultry beat that you’ll find you want to play on repeat.

“Slow Down” by Skip Marley is the kind of contagious reggae that you can’t help but sway to.

“I Feel Love” by Donna Summer—a throwback if there ever was one and we. Are. Here. For. It.

“Everybody Everybody” by Black Box serves instant nostalgia! If this doesn’t take you straight back to high school and Jock Jams, did you even grow up in the ’90s?

“Summer in New York” by Sofi Tukker is a new-from-this-summer bop that transports you straight to the Big Apple with its post-punk, don’t give a F… vibe.

“How Deep is Your Love” by Calvin Harris is a song that will have you up and dancing while thinking about the love of your life. Plus, have you ever even seen the music video?! Gigi Hadid!

“Charlie’s Angels Theme (Black Caviar Remix)” by Ramblin’ Jack Elliott is a fun, upbeat remix with just the right amount of nostalgia.

“Comme des Garcons (Like the Boys)” by Rina Sawayama has a catchy hook and a strong (albeit NSFW) message about Girl Power that’s impossible to resist.

“Talkin’ About it” by Young Franco (Featuring KLP) has electro-disco beats that make it impossible to sit still.

“Lavender” by Disclosure is a catchy track that flows effortlessly. This is a major confidence booster—blast it while trying on date night outfits in front of your mirror or on girls’ night.

“Cold Heart (PANU Remix)” by Elton John is still all over the radio—and at NYFW—for a reason. The beat is infectious, and you already know the lyrics.

“Vulnerable” by Midnight Pool Party is a smooth, electro-music song that works well in every type of situation, from kicking back and relaxing to a cocktail party or even a high-energy club.

“7 Rings” by Ariana Grande may already be one of your favorite songs. It’s a huge departure from the singer’s bubble-gum pop beginnings and blends tracks from The Sound of Music and R&B hits, making it a modern-day classic that designers (clearly) love to play on repeat.

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