5 Best Emmy Memes to Get You Psyched For Tonight’s Show

These iconic and hilarious moments in Emmy history will remind you how wild this award show can get.

For self-proclaimed TV connoisseurs, the Emmy Awards is our Super Bowl. Whether you come for the fashion and stay for the live audience reactions, or love a mid-acceptance speech roast, the 74th Emmy Awards is sure to be a giggly treat because Saturday Night Live icon Kenan Thompson will be hosting.

Fashion faux pas aside, fans are eager to see which streaming giant will come out on top this year. Thanks to hit TV series like Succession and Euphoria, HBO is leading the pack with over 40 nominations. Meanwhile, Ted Lasso scored an impressive 20 nods for Amazon. Only Murders in the Building’s Selena Gomez became the second Latinx woman to ever be nominated as a producer for outstanding comedy series; the Hulu show earned 17 nods. Netflix’s Squid Games clenched a major recognition, too, as the first non-English-language show to be up for outstanding drama series.

Also exciting is the 2022 class of first-time Emmy nominees, including Sydney Sweeney, Andrew Garfield, Quinta Brunson, Oscar Isaac, Sebastian Stan, Lily James, Jennifer Coolidge, and more.

Tune into the 74th Emmy Awards on Monday, Sept. 12, at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET on NBC or stream it on Peacock. Until then, here are the funniest Emmy memes the Internet has gifted us over the years that will get you pumped to watch tonight’s show.

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When Seth Rogen called out the Emmy Awards for being an outdoor yet indoor show

The first award shows to take place during COVID were a dumpster fire. No, seriously—Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel literally put out a dumpster fire while presenting during the 2021 Emmy Awards.

That same night, Seth Rogen called out the Emmys for hosting an outdoor event in an indoor “hermetically sealed tent.” It made the Internet laugh, but he had a point. 

Billy Porter’s hat at the 2019 Emmys

Leave it to Billy Porter to show up and show out at the Emmys.

When Gwendoline Christie’s 2019 Emmy gown kickstarted a cry for merch

OK, but did she re-wear this for Halloween?

Meanwhile, fans at home:

Do award shows make anyone else super stressed? Like great, here are five more things to add to my already overflowing content plate.

Long live the 2020 Emmy hazmat intern


Whoever’s job it was to wear a hazmat suit and tell nominees that they did not win—while holding the Emmy, no less!—deserves an Emmy for outstanding comedic performance.

Tonight is sure to have some of the same awkward and hilarious moments, and you know what? We’re here for it.

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