The best Easter candy to eat all day long

Let’s talk about one of spring’s simplest and purest delights: Easter candy. Many of us remember Easter egg hunts from our kid days — Easter morning in frilly dresses, digging around couch cushions and backyard plants in search of plastic eggs filled with off-brand jelly beans. As grown ups we continue the egg hunting tradition, only now it often means scouring the neighborhood drug stores for Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Well let me clue you in to secret perk #39 of being a grown up: On Easter you can eat as much candy as you want. No one will tell you not to spoil your supper, and since you’re the one making the purchases you can skip all of those weird candies that no one in your candy-swap circle ever wanted.

In an effort to make sure you get the most out of your Easter candy experience, here’s our guide to the best Easter candy from the egg-shaped to the bunny-eared. Nom on.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

When it comes to jelly beans, go Jelly Belly or go home. If they are orange and come in a carrot, even better.

Chocolate Coconut Nests

Because you need a nest to place your jelly beans so they look like eggs, duh.


I’m team chick-shaped Peep. Although, I understand the appeal of the bunnies. In all honesty, I think Peeps are the candy corn of Easter; not super delicious, but it’s our duty to eat them during the holiday.

Russell Stover Marshmallow Egg

The marshmallow egg is an Easter classic, and it’s sister-treat the chocolate marshmallow bunny is a perfecto chocolate rabbit alternative.

Reese’s Eggs

These peanut butter stuffed eggs are an Easter staple. Sure there are Butterfinger eggs and mini Hershey’s bunnies, but when it comes to mainstream candy Easter-fied, Reese’s is king.

Cadbury Creme Egg

Cadbury Eggs carry so much nostalgia. Not just in their delicious filling, but there is also comfort in a brand the runs the same commercial for decades. Who doesn’t love the lion trying out to be a bunny?

Milka L’il Scoops

You can eat the filling with an itty-bitty spoon. How cute is that? Plus, you can find other Milka eggs in some pretty fun flavors, like mini Oreo eggs.

Chocolate Rabbits

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without the chocolate bunny. Chocolate rabbits are so ubiquitous, we even have opinions about how we eat them. According to the National Confectioners Association, of “1,000 adults surveyed, 76 percent said they start with the ears when they munch a chocolate bunny.” Five percent said they eat the feet first, and four percent go straight for the chocolate tail.

Happy Easter! And happy candy eating, Gigglers.

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