Here are 11 of the best David S. Pumpkins costumes this Halloween

Roughly a week ago, the world was blessed with the Halloween hero we desperately needed: David S. Pumpkins. What is he from, and what does he do, and is he like in a local commercial? Who knows, and honestly, who cares! David S. Pumpkins fever is sweeping the nation, and we only wish he could stick around a little while longer. Please let him have a brother, David S. Turkey (and let him also be played by Tom Hanks).

Thankfully, David S. Pumpkins came into our lives just in the knick of time…for everyone to run out and try and find an all-over pumpkin suit. And since the internet is sometimes a wonderful place, there were actually lots of different pumpkin suits to choose from. David S. Pumpkins is an *instant* classic, and David S. Pumpkins costumes were aplenty IRL and on social media over these last few days. Here our some of our favorite David S. Pumpkins costumes:

1. This trio whose facial expressions are the MOST enthusiastic.

2. This couple who created the entire ‘100 Floors of Frights’ with their car.

3. This pair whose elevator dance is PERFECTION.

4. This actual pumpkin with a David Pumpkins face.


5. This adorable twist on the pumpkin suit.

6. This excited pair of guys.

7. This family with their Baby S. Pumpkins.

8. This dad David Pumkins and his tiny skeleton b-boys.

9. This corgi who is his own thing.

10. This guy, living his best David S. Pumpkins dream.

11. And last, but not least, Tom Hanks.

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