How to Have the Best Date Ever (With Yourself)

Having a happy and healthy relationship with your partner is important, and staying in touch and creating long-lasting friendships is crucial. But the most significant relationship you’ll have in your life is the one you have with yourself. Often, we spend so much time caring for our partner’s and friends’ needs that we forget to take care of our own. Although the “loving yourself before you can love another” statement is cheesy, it’s entirely true and incredibly essential. So where do we fit in? When do we get to tend to our emotions and well-being?!

After the day is done, sometimes we end up feeling exhausted and empty because we haven’t been able to dish out enough self-loving. So while you’re planning your next date night for you and your mate, how about you also plan one for yourself? You deserve a lovely night just for you. Start putting effort into making yourself happy and doing the things YOU want to do. Here are just a few ideas for the #1 romance in your life!

1.  Bath, bubbly, and a book

What do you get when you combine a nice bubble bath, a book, and some tasty champagne? A wonderful night in with yourself! There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a bath and reading your favorite book. Add some bubbly to reward yourself. Heck, light some candles to set a nice ambiance. You deserve it all.

2.  Splurge

Most of us spend all of our money on others, but how about you treat yourself to that expensive watch you’ve always wanted? Or, what about that nice jacket you’ve been eyeing for months? It’s about time you buy yourself a little something one of these days. Even if you can’t afford to buy yourself something really expensive, save up some money to buy something pretty.

3.  Dinner and a movie

This is usually a first date type of thing, so why not have a first date with yourself? Take yourself out to your favorite restaurant and then go see that movie that you couldn’t force your significant other to see with you. Not brave enough to face the world alone? That’s okay! It’s dark in the theater and you can order take out on the drive home.

4.  Have a spa day

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as a spa day. Whether it’s getting a manicure and pedicure or booking a massage, you deserve to have a day of relaxation. It’s time to relieve yourself of the tension and stress that we build up in our daily lives.

5.  Treat yo self

Whether it’s a show you’ve always wanted to delve in to (aka Scandal), or a food you’ve wanted to scarf down for ages, here’s your time to shine. Order that double-cheese pizza with cheese-filled crust and binge-watch to your heart’s content. Or listen to that old ’90s album on repeat and sing at the top of your lungs. Whatever your indulgence is, all that matters is that you let loose with yourself.

Sara Altschule is a blogger of all things love. She is a relationship expert, lover of bagels, and considers watching TV one of her best hobbies. For more relationship advice, dating tips or beauty how-to’s, check out Sara’s blog The Dating Department or follow her on Instagram @thedatingdepartment.

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