Best Dad Award: This baby has to wear an eyepatch, so her dad got a little creative

If you haven’t witnessed enough events that will melt your heart into a little puddle this holiday season, here’s another one: Redditor Gfgrubb’s baby daughter Layla was born with a cataract that interferes with her vision. So that this eye develops and the condition doesn’t worsen, doctors instructed Layla’s parents to keep an eyepatch on for two hours a day. As we all can imagine, an eyepatch is really, really annoying. Especially for a little baby!

That’s where dad comes to the rescue! While he can’t do much about the patch itself, he does take creative liberties with it. Drawing everything from Super Mario characters to balloons, he makes Layla feel a little bit better about her eye. Can we all just collectively hug this dad for a sec?

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