The 11 Coziest Sweatshirts to Click “Add to Cart” on Right Now

From cute and sassy slogans to gorgeous patterns, sweatshirts are more stylish than ever.

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The arrival of fall means crisp weather (good riddance, heat waves!), gorgeous foliage, and pumpkin spice galore. Plus, it’s an undisputed fact that fall fashion is where it’s at.

With all due respect to the shorts and tank tops in our closets, jeans, sweaters, bomber jackets, and statement boots offer a plethora of fun mix-and-match outfit options. But as we browse this season’s fashion trends, it’s easy to forget about one key staple: sweatshirts.

In the past, sweatshirts were mostly reserved for lounging at home or running errands in leggings and a messy bun as we prayed we didn’t run into anyone we know. But as it turns out, shoppers love the comfort and coziness of sweatshirts — and designers have certainly taken note, as evidenced by the wide array of fun, stylish options that you’ll want to show off in public.

From basics to fun patterns to sassy slogans, there’s a perfect sweatshirt out there for everyone. Here are our top picks.

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Wildfox Ski Chalet Baggy Beach Jumper

Wildfox Ski Chalet Jumper

Whether you spend the day on the slopes from the first lift to the very last, or prefer to do a few runs and then relax with a spiked hot chocolate, nothing says “winter” quite like a ski trip. This oversized sweatshirt is a cozy ode to the season — and one with a gorgeous design, we might add.

Price: $88 at

Victoria’s Secret Cozy Knit Hooded Pullover

VS Cozy Knit Pullover
Victoria’s Secret

This knit pullover with a drawstring hood is proof that sweatshirts can indeed look sophisticated. Made from 94 percent recycled polyester, it’s also available in black and toffee if you prefer a more neutral color.

Price: $79.95 at

ibex Tranquil Hoodie Sweatshirt

Tranquil Hoodie Sweatshirt

This one is definitely a splurge, but it’s well worth the money and it’ll be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come thanks to ibex’s famously durable, high-quality designs and fabrics. The sweatshirt is buttery soft and features invisible zip pockets and an adjustable hood. Other color options include dark blue, yellow, black, and green.

Price: $215 at

Shop Betches Dogs and Politics Crew

Dogs and Politics

Show your love for dogs *and* politics in this simple crew. But wait, it gets better! Twenty percent of the profits from this sweatshirt are donated to Emily’s List, America’s biggest resource organization dedicated to electing Democratic pro-choice women candidates. 

Price: $50 at

LULUSIMONSTUDIO Mom Hangover Bolt Oversized Sweatshirt

Mom Hangover

Moms everywhere will surely relate to this fun, sassy design from the female-founded loungewear brand that’s a favorite of celebs including Lucy Hale, Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson, and Tori Spelling. In fact, Spelling was recently spotted wearing a slightly different version of the “Mom Hangover” sweatshirt that’s currently on sale for $35 in sizes Large and Extra Large.

Price: $69 at

Carve Designs Naomi Sweatshirt

Naomi Sweatshirt
Carve Designs

This sweatshirt has subtle touches, like shirred shoulders and blouson sleeves, that make it extra stylish — without sacrificing comfort, natch. In addition to fun patterns like camo and florals, it’s available in solid colors that’ll effortlessly match with anything. Oh, and did we mention it’s made from 97 percent recycled polyester? Cute, comfy, and kind to Mother Earth? Yes, please!

Price: $52 at

Chaser Cotton Fleece Zip Up Hoodie

Chaser Zip Up Hoodie

On a chilly day, there’s nothing better than putting on a huge sweatshirt and snuggling up with a cup of tea. This oversized hoodie is basically the definition of comfy, and the gorgeous tie dye pattern makes it stand out in the best way possible.

Price: $79 at

Happiness Is… A Good Brook Crew Sweatshirt

Happiness Is A Good Book
Happiness Is…

The fleecy interior of these sweatshirts make them extra cozy, and they’re perfect if you’re looking for a more fitted option that’s not bulky. Bookworms will want to snag this one, but there are plenty of other “Happiness Is…” options to suit every taste, ranging from coffee to dogs to sports.

Price: $78 at

Corduroy Bear Pullover Sweatshirt

Corduroy Sweatshirt
Urban Outfitters

Cue *all* the nostalgia feels. Inspired by the beloved children’s book character, this sweatshirt is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you put it on. There’s a pullover Goodnight Moon sweatshirt, too, for those who favor the Margaret Wise picture book. Or you can get both — far be it from us to stop you from expanding your sweatshirt collection.

Price: $69 at

Dippin’ Daisies Fresh As A Daisy Crewneck

Fresh As A Daisy Crewneck
Dippin’ Daisies

This fun, whimsical crewneck sweatshirt is also available in pastel shades of yellow and pink. The company’s inclusive sizing runs from XS to 3X — more things like this, please!

Price: $68 at

RicherPoorer Recycled Fleece Sweatshirt

Recycled Fleece Sweatshirt

If you like to keep it simple, this eco-friendly sweatshirt is about to become your new best friend. Available in eight solid colors, it features accents like triangle stitching at the neck and raglan sleeves.

Price: $76 at

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