If there were an award for best cat purr, this cat would win

Meet Tribble the cat. Tribble is purrrrrfect, you guys. Seriously, he has the cutest cat purr in the known cosmos. It’s something like a cross between a bird and a cartoon character, which sounds a bit odd, I know. But it’s completely adorbs. TRUST. OK we know it’s not a contest, cats of the world. But if it were, Tribble would win all the prizes. Just saying.

He’s also a rescue cat. In fact, Tribble was returned to the shelter multiple times before he eventually found his forever home. (Crying face emoji!) As the video points out, there are plenty of older animals in shelters all over the country in need of homes. Adopting an older pet rocks. Not only are older cats and dogs more chill than kittens and puppies, but they’re also super grateful for a second (or in the case of Tribble, third) chance. So keep that in mind if you’re looking for a new furry friend. Who knows? Maybe you could even find the cat with the second cutest purr in the world. Something tells us Tribble will always be king.

[Image and video via YouTube.]

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