Here are some of the best cardio videos on YouTube, because gyms are expensive, yo

While there are definite perks to having a gym membership, such an expense is not always possible, and frankly, it’s not always necessary — because thanks to the internet, YouTube is packed with workout channels to help us get in shape!

That’s right, there are numerous personal training videos that you can take advantage of in the comfort of your living room.

And you don’t need any equipment (a yoga mat does come in handy though, and you can advance to using weights), or even that much space. Just dedicate a corner of your pad to busting up a sweat, and you’re good to go. Remember to have a bottle of water on hand, maybe some earbuds for music, and don’t go too fast too quickly. There are modifications for many of exercises, to use them if you have/want to.

Here’s a beginner set to get you in the mood:

Yup, these workouts get the blood pumping! Here’s one that’s a little more advanced:

Incidentally, Popsugar Fitness has a great Instagram account with daily work-out inspo.

Feel like getting your dance on? LET’S DO IT:

Here’s a nice quickie one for when you’re on the go:

Embrace those jumping jacks!

That one’s nice because it’s slow and controlled; the perfect way to start or finish a day.

And there are LOADS more on YouTube, so find a trainer you like and some exercises that make you feel good — and then get cracking!

Some workouts are as short as five or 10 minutes, so there are options to accommodate your schedule on any given day (because somedays we truly only have five minutes to spare). You can even take a page out of Carrie Underwood’s book and use a card game to make your workouts more exciting. Whatever works for you and your body!