Best Buy is going to stop selling CDs and this is crushing our inner-teenagers

Technology is constantly dictating how we consume music. There were 8-tracks and cassette tapes. Vinyl was (and still is!) a bestseller. And of course, who could forget CDs? However…it was recently announced that Best Buy will stop selling CDs.

Um, what?

Most music lovers fondly remember going to a Best Buy or Sam Goody or Tower Records to purchase newly-released music. Yet, as more and more stream music in place of physically going to a store, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that CDs are being phased out. With sales down almost 20% last year, and CDs only accounting for an annual $40 million profit for Best Buy, it’s certainly the end of an era.

Best Buy is expected to end CD sales on July 1st (and it’s rumored that Target may do the same). The internet, of course, had mixed reactions. From people who were totally surprised and asking why, to those who haven’t purchased a CD in years, everyone had an opinion.

For some, it felt like a breakup.

Others just thought, this must mean I’m old AF 

Sometimes when words fail, a gif is the only language you need.


Or you can just blame those millennials who want to download everything and avoid interacting with other humans.

Best Buy plans to continue selling vinyl for at least the next two years, which was utterly confusing to some people.

However, others just don’t see the big deal because, you know, Amazon and technology.

However you feel, it’s certainly a sign of the times.