This man is camping outside of a Best Buy for one month—here’s why

It’s not even Halloween yet, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas shopping. OK, fine, it is actually too early to even entertain that idea. But, there’s one man in Orlando, Florida who is already camped out and ready for Black Friday, a short 31 days away. He’s not just waiting in line to snag the best deals on some new electronics, but he’s also trying to bring attention to one very important issue.

Kevin Sutton has been camped out at an Orlando Best Buy since Sunday, so he’s already two days into his adventure. Sutton hosts a sports radio show for Orlando’s 96.9 The Game, and he’s really hoping to snag a sweet deal on a new television come Friday, November 27th. There’s one other thing he’s doing outside of Best Buy, and that’s trying to raise awareness for the thousands of homeless children living in Orlando.

For the next four weeks, Sutton will live outside a tent next to the Best Buy. While the Best Buy has given him permission to use the bathrooms inside of the store during operating hours, as for food and water, Sutton is going to rely only on donations for those things – just like many homeless children. Along with food and water, he’s accepting donations of gifts, toys, and money, but those last three things will be turned over to Orlando’s Love Pantry which provides basic necessities for children in need.

“They did a report just recently that 13,000 children [are] homeless here, and they get a lot of assistance at schools, but what happens when they go home?” Sutton told Orlando’s News 6, “If people cared about me being silly, [and] all the joking made a positive impact… it’s all going to these kids.”

Last year, Sutton camped outside a Best Buy for 15 days. If he successfully stays outside for these 33 days, he’ll have beaten the previous longest record of 22 days camped outside for Black Friday (which was set last year by two women in California). But Sutton’s not in it for the fame and glory, or even the deals. He’s doing it for the kids, and this is some Black Friday madness we can get behind.

(Image via Instagram)

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